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App History

Version 2.2
Oct 25, 2017
Version 2.1
Oct 20, 2017
Version 2.0
Oct 19, 2017
Version 1.8
Jan 26, 2017
Version 1.7
Apr 05, 2016
Version 1.6
Mar 08, 2016
Version 1.5
Mar 03, 2016
Version 1.4
Jun 01, 2015
Version 1.3
Mar 24, 2015
Version 1.2
Feb 04, 2015
Version 1.1
Sep 19, 2014
New App: $2.99
Feb 18, 2014

iTunes Description:

New feature: Support for ALLIHOOPA!

VividTracker is an Amiga Protracker compatible music maker app. You can load, save, edit, and create new ProTracker modules.


1. Compatible with Protracker modules created on the Amiga
2. Allihoopa support.
3. Supports AudioCopy 2: Import samples from other apps, export audio output to other apps
4. Supports Audiobus 2: VividTracker can send audio to other apps like GarageBand and Cubasis through Audiobus.
5. Great sample editor, where you can easily set loop points, cut and paste samples, etc.
6. Dropbox folder support
7. AutoChord feature
8. Cut, Copy and Paste rows, tracks or full patterns
9. Load modules from other apps such as Mail or Safari
10. Open modules in other apps from VividTracker
11. Email modules
12. MIDI in support
13. Bluetooth keyboard support
14. Send samples to Korg Volca Sample
15. Send pattern data to Korg Volca Sample (this is the only app that can do this)

What's new in v2.2

Important but rare bug has been fixed. When saving a module with sample size 65536 bytes, VividTracker would store it as 0 bytes. This has now been fixed.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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