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App History

Version 3.3.1
Oct 06, 2016
Version 3.3.0
Sep 08, 2016
New App: $3.99
Apr 05, 2014

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App Store Description:

Wotja is a chilled-out music creativity app for relaxation, reflection & experimentation.

Add some text or emoji and it will create beautiful evolving melodies with a selection of live ambient generative music backings. Users say "it does exactly what it says".

If you've a few minutes to spare then why not take a short creative break and relax with Wotja? It's regularly updated and is quick and easy to use. It makes a refreshing change from other kinds of entertainment such as playing a game! And you can share what you make, too.

Use the Edit screen "Shuffle" button to quickly try out different sounds and settings; or, if you prefer, manually change the ones you want to. Settings include: 22 high quality player sounds, 9 relaxing generative music backings, tempo, root, display themes, visualiser, melody composition factors and text to speech. You can also use a background image if you wish.

It's great fun to experiment with the various melody composition factors: Start, Length, Repeats, Phrasing, Spacing and Interval. These allow you to change the density and spacing of your generated melody and, if you have the Improvise after Tune toggle set to on, set how often it repeats before it can improvise.

With Wotja 3 you can deep-level customise your wotja by importing Noatikl* pieces as Players and Backing tracks. This turns Wotja (with a free player, Wotja FREE) into a powerful generative music publishing system. Be creative, be clever; see how far you can take a wotja as an art form.

You can easily share your wotja as a file by email, or as a Wotja Music URL via a tweet, facebook post, instant message or email. Go ahead, express yourself…

Via Core MIDI / Virtual MIDI / MIDI Clock, use it as a music generator to drive other MIDI synths for e.g. ideas and live performance. Inter-App Audio and Audiobus are also supported.

Wotja 3 includes the elegant Wotja Watch App, the world's first generative music app for Apple Watch. The Wotja Watch App lets you play a wotja, shuffle its settings, change the Sleep Timer and even enter emoji or text (via Siri). It also lets you change your wotja's Player, Backing and Tempo as well as its Melody parameters - all from your wrist on a paired Apple Watch.

• Guide: http://intermorphic.com/wotja/guide
• Forum: http://forum.intermorphic.com/viewforum.php?f=67

• Wotja 3 has many enhancements over Wotja 3 FREE, and has *no ads*.
• If you make and share a wotja make sure you don't infringe the copyright of others.
• Wotja or Wotja FREE needs to be installed to play a Wotja Music URL or Wotja File.
* Noatikl not provided, available separately

• We're an experienced, pioneering and double BAFTA-winning app team. In 1990 we started developing the generative music system that became known as the SSEYO Koan Interactive Audio Platform. Since then we've been creating various powerful creativity apps, tools and technologies. Our apps include: Noatikl (Generative Music Composer), Mixtikl (Generative Music Mixer), Liptikl (Cut-up Text Editor), Tiklbox Relax (Soothing Ambient Generative Music) and Wotja (Generative Music Writer).

Please send it to @intermorphic on Twitter, via our forum or through our website contact form. We're always improving Wotja, so thanks for your support!

What's new in v3.3.1

- Fixed potential crash on Save & Continue
- Fixed bottom toolbar display issue

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iPhone Screenshots:


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