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EGDR808 Drum Machine lite

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App History

Version 3.1.5
May 11, 2019
Version 3.1.3
Feb 07, 2019
Version 3.1.2
Jan 28, 2019
Version 3.1.1
Jan 05, 2019
Version 3.1
Dec 14, 2018
Version 3.0
Nov 19, 2018
Version 2.14
Jul 13, 2017
Version 2.13
Oct 25, 2016
Version 2.12
Feb 11, 2016
Version 2.11
Feb 02, 2016
Version 2.10
Oct 20, 2015
Version 2.9
Jul 07, 2015
Version 2.8
Jan 07, 2015
Version 2.7
Oct 08, 2014
Version 2.6
Jul 05, 2014
Version 2.5
Dec 18, 2013
Version 2.4
Oct 28, 2013
Version 2.3
Oct 21, 2013
New App: Free
Aug 10, 2013

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App Store Description:

EGDR808 v3.0 is here with full AU3 Audio Unit support!

ElliottGarage presents EGDR808, a drum machine that emulates the vintage hardware from the 80's.

Its realistic and clear interface recalls the analog machine from the past, for all the vintage fanatics.
You can play with the rythm presets included or you can create your own pattern.

"Love That Classic '808 Drum Machine? EMULATE the '808 w/ EGDR808" - iOSsociety

"...attention to detail in recreating the vintage look is uncanny, and faithfully emulated. More importantly the sound is spot on. Elliott Garage really put some love into this going for the same functionalities and feel of the old machine. It's love you can hear, and music lovers as well as vintage enthusiasts should agree this is one of the best 808s on iOS. " - SmiteMatter.com

- Interface like the real drum machine from the 80's
- 16 steps sequencer
- 12 programmable rythm patterns and 4 fills patterns
- Auto fill in every 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16 pattern
- Drumkit pieces parameters control (tuning, decay and snappy)

Buy the full version of the EGDR08 (in-app purchase) to unlock all the advanced functionalities:
- Save the pattern you've created and play your songs
- Manual Play, Pattern Write and Pattern Clear mode
- Song Mode page (swipe to left to open)
- Swing and tap tempo
- Interapp Instrument
- Core MIDI (network session, external controllers, MIDI inter app)
- Audiobus
- Ableton link support
- Export with iTunes, mail or MAPI Audio Copy
- AU3 support

Check the videos on http://www.youtube.com/ElliottGarage

support: info@elliottgarage.com

What's new in v3.1.5

- Fix for tuning knob when reopening the AU3 from external hosts

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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