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Step Sequencer

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App History

Version 2.3
May 28, 2018
Version 2.2
Jan 22, 2018
Version 2.1
Nov 06, 2017
Version 2.0
Sep 12, 2016
Version 1.6.0
Aug 10, 2016
Version 1.5.0
Feb 21, 2014
Version 1.4.3
Nov 27, 2013
Version 1.4.2
Nov 20, 2013
Version 1.4.1
Nov 12, 2013
Version 1.3
Oct 30, 2013
Version 1.2
May 22, 2013
Version 1.1
Feb 22, 2013
New App: $3.99
Jan 26, 2013

App Store Description:

StepSequencer ST-S01 brings a classical Step Sequencer to the iPad.

Do you remember the times of huge, old modular Synthesizers. They were not complete without a Step Sequencer and this is exactly what ST-S01 is. It features two modes with either 16 steps or two times 8 steps which are executed in parallel on two MIDI channels. ST-S01 supports MIDI Clock, Start, Continue and Stop. Each step has an octave and note selector as well as a switch which permits skipping a step. In MIDI clock receive mode it is possible to slow down or speed up the sequence. MIDI can be received and sent by WIFI and through interfaces like the Line6 Midi Mobilizer.

ST-S01 can control any background MIDI enabled App on the iPad, as well as external MIDI keyboards.


- Standalone mode (without Midi control) 0 - 990 BPM
- Midi sync with start, stop, continue and midi clock
- Midi clock divider / multiplier to adjust speed of sequencer in relation to the received Midi clock
- Midi per WIFI and virtual Midi to directly control synths on the iPad

Sequencer Mode 1 x 16 or 2 x8 steps on two different midi channels. Directional control up, up-down, up single shot, up-down single shot.

- Octave -2 to +5
- Key C-B
- skip switch to skip sending a "note on" for current step
- loop switch to indicate end of sequence
- Ratcheting
- Velocity

- 200 ms (note off will be sent 200ms after note on)
- note length (note off will be sent before next step sends note on)

For further info please also watch the YouTube video on our website

What's new in v2.3

Fixed a bug which prevented other apps to emit audio, when ST-S01 was running.

iPad Screenshots:


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