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App History

Version 2.6.1
Feb 04, 2016
Version 2.6
Feb 01, 2016
Jan 07, 2016
Version 2.5.1
Sep 28, 2014
Version 2.5
Jul 16, 2014
May 07, 2014
Version 2.4.6
May 02, 2014
Version 2.4.5
Apr 25, 2014
Version 2.4.2
Apr 18, 2014
Version 2.4.1
Mar 21, 2014
Version 2.4
Mar 13, 2014
Version 2.3
Feb 14, 2014
Version 2.2
Sep 21, 2013
Version 2.1.1
Jun 05, 2013
Version 2.1
May 28, 2013
Version 2.0
May 24, 2013
Version 1.6
Feb 28, 2013
Version 1.5
Feb 20, 2013
New App: $4.99
Feb 03, 2013

App Store Description:

Create your own instruments from sounds you record. Make your own Grand Piano, Cat Piano, Dog Piano, Bird Piano or Majestic Bug Piano, or get creative and create something with your own voice. There are no limits.
Record any sound, and play it back on the keyboard as an instrument or using WIFI MIDI and Core MIDI! Record anything and turn it into something musical and creative. For example, record one note from a guitar, and instantly can play any note from that guitar.

VoKey is a powerful, easy to use sampler. Import and export from your computer, manipulate the waveform with the touch screen, timeshift to sync all of the notes when playing chords... Record your performances, and play them back with the most dynamic and versatile piano on the iPad or iPhone.


• Sample Layering and Zoning

• Multilayer LFO and Envelope

• MIDI mapping and advanced interpretation of MIDI data

• AudioBus Support

• AudioCopy & AudioPaste Support

• Waveform Selection - Drag your finger over the waveform to quickly edit the sample to use on the keyboard.

• Map to Keys - (Round Robin Sampling) Select multiple regions of a sample to be mapped to separate keys on the keyboard.

• Reverse Sample Mode - Play samples in reverse, and use the waveform to customize the sample further.

• Web Interface - Upload and customize your VoKEY samples from a local computer.

• WIFI MIDI / Core MIDI - Use an external MIDI keyboard or send MIDI to other devices

• Reverb effects with dynamic adjustment

• Compatible with the IK Multimedia iRig Mic, for high quality recordings

• Audiobus Support

• Waveform painting and jumping.
Edit by painting selections of the waveform RED or BLUE. this allows customized 'Map to Keys' effects. Jump between blue segments in the waveform easily with the 'NEXT' button.

• Sound Modes:
The Timeshifting (or Timestretching) option allows simultaneously played notes to be in sync and the same duration, making the samples sound harmonious and musical when played together.

• Automatic Sample Trimming
This version automatically recognizes and removes the silence or "dead air" at the beginning and end of the recorded sample, making the keyboard very responsive.

• Audio Normalization
Normalization increases the loudness of your recordings to a maximum level without introducing any new distortion.

• Sustain and Looping.
Control how the recorded samples are looped and sustained, when played on the keyboard.

• Fully Animated Keyboard with multitouch and transpose.

• Save, Load, Preview, and Delete Samples.

• Save and load Song Performances with Tempo adjustment.

If you have any questions or comments please write at support@stonelightpictures.com

What's new in v2.6.1

Bug Fixes

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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