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AC-7 Core HD

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App Store Description:

The AC-7 Core HD is the latest and greatest in Saitara Software's critically acclaimed range of DAW controllers. It has been completely redesigned and reengineered to be the most dependable and usable universal controller possible.
No longer does it feel like a software emulation of a hardware device, it's now a real, practical alternative to expensive hardware controllers.

We've had almost 3 years of customer feedback on our older controllers and have tried to implement as many of your suggestions as we could into this release.
Huge thanks go out to those who got in touch with us!!!

The AC-7 Core HD takes full advantage of the power of newer iOS 6 iPad models, and is designed with controls large enough to be comfortably used on the iPad Mini.

For users of the first generation iPad, the original "AC-7 Core" app is still available.

Some Key Features:

* Wireless MIDI connections can be handled in-app, so there's no need to go into your computer settings each time you use it.

* An optional Latency Reduction setting keeps network latency as low as possible and reduces the likelihood of dropped connections.

* Knobs, faders, buttons and meters react smoothly, quickly and realistically... no matter how heavy the MIDI workload.

* The advanced control buttons visible in the app can be customised by simply scrolling button sets left and right. Of course your settings will be remembered for future use.

* There are custom button layouts for:
Apple's Logic Pro
MOTU's Digital Performer (version 7 or newer)
Cubase / Nuendo
Cakewalk Sonar
Cockos Reaper
Ableton Live
Sony Vegas
Presonus StudioOne
Adobe Audition
Mackie Tracktion
Final Cut Pro (versions prior to Final Cut Pro X)
...but any software with support for the "MCU" or "HUI" protocols should work too.

* Crystal clear Retina display support for iPad 3rd generation and newer.

* Works without any extra drivers on OS X, but Windows users will have to install an RTP driver like "RTPMidi"

A user guide can be downloaded from our website for users new to the AC-7 Core range, but existing users should have no problems adjusting.

** An apology **
It was not possible to offer this iOS6 version as a free update to owners of the original AC-7 Core app because a large part of our user base is still using the first generation iPad (which can't be upgraded to iOS6), and could lose the ability to run the app if they e.g. updated through iTunes.

The price will remain low for the first month after release to enable existing users to upgrade cheaply.

iPad Screenshots:


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