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App History

Version 6.3
Aug 05, 2019
Version 6.2
Jul 09, 2019
Version 6.1
Jul 02, 2019
Version 6.0
Jun 08, 2019
New App: $0.0, v6.0
Apr 26, 2013

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App Store Description:

Upload audio files by iTunes File Sharing or by Document Interaction, or create recordings with the app's built-in audio recorder. Play or save the files with added reverb. Use play through mode or Audiobus for realtime reverberation. The reverb can be created by an iOS Audio Unit or by the app's convolution reverb engine (iPad 4 or better is recommended for realtime usage). Purchase Convolution Reverb if you would like to use impulse responses other than the included demo IRs. Purchase MIDI Control if you wish to control some functions of the app by MIDI messages. Purchase Preset Buttons if you would like to select presets by tapping configurable buttons.

What's new in v6.3

This is a bugfix release which contains a workaround for a problem of the Files app in iOS 12.4. When a zip file was tapped, the Files app opened Rooms! instead of showing a content preview.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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