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MicroTrack dB

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App History

Version 1.1
Dec 07, 2012
New App: $1.99
Jul 29, 2012

App Store Description:

Rated #1 music app on Samsung bada.

"MicroTrack dB is a very cool, well designed app that lets you make music right on your phone, wherever you are!" - badavideos

"The app is truly function-rich, and provides a lot of features for synthesis, modulation, programming and sequencing." - samsungbadaapps

"A perfect mix of fun and learning and will have the user sticking to it for hours." - samsungbadaapps


Make music anywhere.

Inspired by the classic instruments that defined electronic music and popular culture, this app puts music making in the palm of your hand.

This portable, virtual studio offers high-quality audio output, intuitive sequencing, flexible drum programming and powerful synthesis, plus a range of effects and performance features.

A user-friendly interface and online help enables beginners to start making music, while more advanced musicians will find a host of features to get their teeth in to.

Get your creative juices flowing and produce tracks instantly. Realise your ideas, define your sound and create the music that you want to hear.


Technical Specifications


* Instruments - 1x drum machine, 2x bass synthesisers.
* Sequencing - on board pattern sequencers and performance sequencer.
* Component modelling - analogue filters and envelopes.
* Effects - delay, overdrive.
* 44.1kHz 32-bit signal path (output is 16-bit).


* Square and saw tooth oscillator waveforms.
* Wave shaping features.
* 24dB low pass resonant filter.
* Multistage filter envelope.
* Note accent features.

Drum Machine

* 8 drum voices.
* 2 selectable samples for each drum voice.
* 8 voice polyphony.
* Adjust volume, start time, attack, decay, accent and FX send.
* Note accent features.


* Pattern sequencer designed for performance.
* 9 banks of 4 patterns per instrument.
* Song and edit modes.
* Cut/copy/paste/clear patterns.


* Delay and overdrive effects.
* Mix track volume and output volume.
* Tempo controls.
* Volume maximiser.

Additional features

* Load and save tracks.
* Record and export songs as wav files.
* Export via AudioCopy to apps that support AudioPaste.
* Share song files with iTunes File Sharing.


For more info, visit: http://www.bangmeansdoit.co.uk

Join MicroTrack dB on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/microtrackdb
Follow MicroTrack dB on Twitter - http://twitter.com/microtrackdb
Watch a demo video on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/microtrackdb

What's new in v1.1

* Tracks can now be recorded and exported as Wav files.
* Tracks can also be exported via AudioCopy to applications that support AudioPaste.
* Song files can be saved and then shared using iTunes File Sharing.
* Improved synthesis engine and audio signal processing.
* More responsive UI, enabling fine adjustment of parameters.
* Enhanced performance and user interaction.

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