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App History

Version 3.0
Oct 18, 2017
Version 2.0
May 31, 2017
Version 1.8
Nov 04, 2016
Version 1.7
Jan 19, 2016
Version 1.6
Jul 31, 2014
Version 1.5
Oct 13, 2013
Version 1.4
Oct 04, 2013
Sep 18, 2013
Version 1.3
May 15, 2013
Version 1.2
Jan 31, 2013
Version 1.1
Jul 16, 2012
New App: $4.99
Jul 01, 2012

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App Store Description:

xMod is a full-function synth designed for iOS devices. The sound engine is a polyphonic triple-oscillator cross-modulated FM synthesizer. FM is widely regarded as the most efficient way of generating complex "organic" musical sounds. The complexity of programming FM synthesizers is solved in xMod. Two sound banks contain 32 preset patches (programs), with space for 32 of your own. Copy and paste any of our preset sounds into your sound bank and modify the sound easily with a envelope, modulation, and frequency controls. xMod automatically saves your changes. Unique keyboard features include tremolo and pitch bend (vibrato) key controls.

xMod preset programs are displayed in a "sound space" that gives the player the ability to quickly move from one sound to another by simply tapping the icon.

xMod is Audiobus 3 compatible.

Check out our demos on You Tube including a live recording with xMod hooked up to Avid's Pro Tools.

What's new in v3.0

New user interface design.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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