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App History

Version 2.6.13
Feb 20, 2020
Version 2.6.12
Feb 19, 2020
Version 2.6.10
Oct 25, 2019
Version 2.6.9
Oct 24, 2019
Version 2.6.6
Apr 27, 2019
Version 2.6.5
Apr 24, 2019
Version 2.5.1
Feb 14, 2019
Version 2.1.3
Jan 29, 2016
Version 2.0
Apr 04, 2013
Version 1.4
Sep 26, 2012
Version 1.3
Jul 25, 2012
Version 1.2
Jul 18, 2012
New App: Free
Jul 03, 2012

App Store Description:

Play any synth or virtual instrument with your trusted old guitar, or record notation by playing it.

##### Lots of user videos: jamorigin.com #####

MIDI Guitar is the World’s first app to transcribe guitar playing into MIDI in real-time, with latency and accuracy comparable to expensive and inconvenient hardware MIDI guitar solutions.

MIDI Guitar is over 10 years in development(!) and based upon state-of-the-art polyphonic pitch detection and –prediction technology that can accurately recognize guitar playing and -articulation with very low latency and without spurious hits. The technology has been validated by thousands of guitarists over the years.

MIDI Guitar use Virtual MIDI to drive other iOS synth apps or Garageband, and it can host AudioUnit synths and effects.

You need a guitar interface for best results. We recommend a digital interface (using the lightning connector) over analog (via headphone jack), preferably with input gain control. Using an acoustic guitar with the built in microphone works for some purposes but is not optimal.

The free version will interrupt every few minutes, asking you to buy an in-app purchase.

If you have problems please refer to the built-in interactive help system, browse our website: www.jamorigin.com/docs or email our support (via the contact form on our website).

What's new in v2.6.13

Minor fixes

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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