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App History

Version 2.0.4
Apr 04, 2021
Version 2.0.3
Mar 27, 2021
Version 2.0.2
Mar 21, 2021
Version 2.0.1
Mar 15, 2021
New App: $9.99, v1.0
Mar 15, 2021

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App Store Description:

Reached #1 on the App Store in the Top Paid Music App Category.

The most advanced AUv3 MIDI note editor, modular sequencer and clip launcher on iOS.

- This plugin does not run as a standalone app and requires a compatible host to work.
- MIDI is not sound. To make sound you'll have to feed the MIDI into a synthesizer or instrument app. Bring your own synths!
- Hardware integration with controllers requires latest iOS version and iCloud Drive.

Tested hosts: AUM, ApeMatrix, Audiobus, BeatMaker, Cubasis, Drambo. Not supported by GarageBand. Limited or poor support by NanoStudio 2 and Zenbeats.

Build live sets for clip launching, or an entire track with unlimited length. Play the whole sequence, or adjust the loop markers to iterate over a single section. Step input, or record as played, all with perfect timing accuracy.

Write your own code, share it with the community! You can control hardware devices, adding support for new controllers or completely changing the behavior of existing ones. Build your own styling with custom layouts and themes. Change colors, fonts, sizes… make it yours!

Piano Roll 2 takes all the features you love about the first installment, and expands them into an entirely new breed of modular sequencer and clip launcher, unparalleled in flexibility and depth on iOS. We redesigned it from the ground up to incorporate a plethora of new features and workflows.
- It's a sequencer that augments the capabilities of your host or DAW.
- It's a composition tool that helps you to write beautiful melodies and complex polyrhythmic patterns.
- It's a clip launcher that integrates seamlessly with supported hardware controllers.
- It's a scripting playground that lets you customize your workflow with code.
- It's a swiss-army knife of possibilities when working with MIDI.

Here are just some of the many use cases this modular architecture supports:
- Build live sets for clip launching.
- Compose patterns with touch, Apple Trackpad and Apple Pencil, or use the step input mode to write melodies step-by-step.
- Capture performances in real time and export your patterns as MIDI files.
- Import and edit MIDI files created in other apps, or from commercial packs.
- Record generated MIDI of other plugins or sequencers.
- Write harmonies and counterpoint melodies by superimposing the patterns of other Atoms as ghost lanes.
- Construct complex polyrhythms by taking advantage of custom time signatures and grid fractions.
- Sequence the sequencers for full modular mayhem.

What's new in v2.0.4

- A user manual is now available. Find it in an instance's app menu.
- Tapping will now preview notes on the piano roll vertical keyboard.
- Powerful new swing controls: apply negative swing, nudge the timings or control the durations.
- Drag and drop not just MIDI, but also scripts, styles or configurations onto your clips, and they will immediately apply to your session. Want to try out a different skin? Or bring your controller to life? Just drag and drop. Easily import and use code that others wrote!
- Scripts now support message logging. A new directory called "Logs" is created in your Atom folder containing log files. Devices, input and output ports are automatically logged for convenience. Use `console.log(...)` to log a custom message from your script.
- Controller scripts specifying an input and output port can now use either the short name or the longer label for port identification.
- Added new ways of visualizing velocity: with colors, opacity, bar positioning or thickness, or the numerical value itself.
- Added new ways of visualizing pitch: octave colors, highlighting in and out of scale notes and others.
- Added a plethora of additional example styles to get you inspired.
- Fixed an issue where certain controllers (like the Lauchkey Mini) would emit high-pitched sounds when manually routed.
- MIDI clock is now passed-through with Novation controllers when routed through clips.
- CC messages are now passed-through when routed through clips.
- Mutation panel controls are now reset to default after baking non-destructive processing operations.
- The velocity offset slider is now more accurate.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

Victor Porof, as he promised, made Atom Piano Roll Upgrade Bundle, for people who have first Atom | Piano Roll the second version will be cheaper!
I pounced to early to get the bundle deal. I don't mind a few extra bucks to support this work. It's really cool.

As I mentioned on another thread, the piano roll is weird in that it blows off the piano and displays scale notes as light and non-scale notes as dark. This is disorienting for those of us with long experience with piano-based piano roll editing. I'm hoping this is part of the "styles" options and can be over-ridden in some way.

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