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WU: AUDynamicsProcessor

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App History

Version 1.2
Feb 01, 2021
Dec 03, 2020
New App: $0.99, v1.0
Sep 09, 2020

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App Store Description:

The WU (Wrapped Units) Series audio units exposes the user interface of the systems Audio Unit and makes it available to all host applications that support AUv3 audio processing plugins. Even if those hosts do not support UI-less units. Use the effect, well known from GarageBand on MacOS and iOS with any host application and ensure consistent sound with all your projects.

What's new in v1.2

WU Series Maintenance Update 1.2 (January 2021)

- fixed a multiple instances problem with the editors
- fixed a wrong icon assignment of the highpass filter unit
- fixed a parameter assignment bug, if the units define special addresses
- fixed possible adjustment of read-only parameters
please note, that read-only parameters are still displayed with the interface
- added parameter min/max value validity checking
- re-adjusted finer control of the sliders
- added support for string values
- added support for labels for indxed parameters
- re-adjusted some label sizes and positions
- added fixed point formatting for floating point parameter values
- completely removed resizing control from the UI
- disabled gestures for resizing and positioning internal view
- reduced diagnostic printout during load
- removed MIDI assignment extension due to problems with some hosts,
which send unwanted MIDI controllers and initializers to chained effects
- all WU units are now exposed a standard audio effects (aufx),
effectively increasing the amount of hotsts supporting them
- please note, that any extensions to these units would
make the aupreset format incompatible with the original
and no longer share-able across platforms and hosts

- added the AUPitch shifter unit to the collection
please note that the pitch shifter has one parameter,
that is not intended for realtime use
- added the AUMIDISynthesizer to the collection
this unit is a multitimbre multi MIDI channel sound module
with a standard General MIDI compatible sound bank.
- added the AUSampler unit with a set of GM based presets
please note that this release is a preview release for the
capabilities of the sampler unit and its file format

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iPhone Screenshots:


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