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Jun 02, 2021
May 25, 2021
Feb 10, 2021
Feb 09, 2021
Feb 08, 2021
Jan 27, 2021
Dec 01, 2020
Nov 23, 2020
Version 1.0.5
Nov 23, 2020
Oct 13, 2020
New App: $9.99, v1.0.4
Oct 06, 2020

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App Store Description:

TriceraChorus is inspired by the classic tri-choruses and stompbox choruses of the 1970s and early 1980s. It pairs rich BBD style tri-chorusing with another classic effect of the 1980s: Eventide micro-pitch detuning. This effect can be used to thicken the sound, to add static chorusing, and to spread the stereo field by detuning the left and right signals in opposite directions. Combine these tools to create syrupy, smooth, and deep modulations on anything from flat synths and strings, to dry vocals, guitars, and more. The TriceraChorus effect was designed to inspire experimentation with a UI optimized for live performance. Whether on your iPad or iPhone, TriceraChorus will expand your sonic pallet.

TriceraChorus has three chorus voices: Left, Center, and Right. A three-phase LFO modulates the delay times for these voices. The combination of the three modulated delays creates rich chorus sounds that are reminiscent of gear from the 70s and 80s. For a classic chorus stompbox sound, set TriceraChorus to “Chorus" mode. If you need something with more complexity and depth, “Chorale” produces lush, swirling choruses inspired by classic rackmount tri-chorus units. For a more psychedelic aesthetic try out “Swirl."

Use RIBBON to play or automate sweeps between different settings. Wielding this intuitive performance macro can be great for intensifying the depth of flange-like settings, changing the rate of modulation for transitional effects, or simply controlling the Mix parameters for momentary performance flourishes. For added live benefit, jump immediately from one setting to another using HOTSWITCH. RIBBON and HOTSWITCH settings are saved per-preset providing great flexibility in exploring the range of possibilities with TriceraChorus.


- Three voice, Bucket Brigade style stereo Tri-chorus
- CHORUS Mode evokes the chorusing effect created by classic chorus stompboxes
- CHORALE Mode produces lush, swirling choruses inspired by classic rackmount tri-chorus units
- DEPTH controls the amount of modulation applied to the 3 voices from the LFO
- DETUNE the left and right channels simultaneously by +/- 40 cents
- DELAY sets the amount of delay for the chorusing effect; use it to thicken your signal, create a flange, or slap-back sound
- SWIRL adds stereo frequency shifting for a psychedelic flange-like flavor
- TONE for shaping the high and low end of your signal. Remove muddy low frequencies or roll of high frequencies for a darker sound
- RIBBON lets you sweep the effect between two different settings.
- Works as an AUv3 plug-in and Standalone App

What's new in v1.0.5

Added new artist presets.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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