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App History

Version 1.18
Oct 15, 2020
Version 1.17
Sep 27, 2020
Version 1.16
Sep 24, 2020
Version 1.15
Sep 06, 2020
Version 1.14
Sep 04, 2020
Version 1.13
Sep 02, 2020
Version 1.12
Aug 27, 2020
Version 1.11
Aug 23, 2020
Version 1.1
Aug 20, 2020
Version 1.06
Jul 28, 2020
Version 1.05
Jul 27, 2020
Jul 25, 2020
Version 1.04
Jul 24, 2020
Version 1.03
Jul 19, 2020
Version 1.02
Jul 13, 2020
Version 1.01
Jul 08, 2020
New App: $4.99, v1.01
Jul 03, 2020

App Store Description:

SKIIID is a new drum-synthesizer with 4 expressive pads and the possibility to morph between them. With its randomisation feature you can create unique effects and lo-fi drum-sounds quickly. On top of that we’ve added a fun sequencer. But don’t expect a highly accurate clockwork drum-machine, this synth is “dirty and alive"


- Sub-Fm-Oscillator
- Morphing SAUCE WAVE Oscillator (adds some additional SAUCE/MEAT to your drumsound)
- Morphing NOISE Oscillator (adds dusty and crackly imperfections)
- Velocity along the vertical axis of all drum-pads
- Note pitch and fine-tuning
- Amplitude and Pitch Envelopes
- Ladder filter with highpass
- Bitcrusher, distortion and resonator - effects
- Randomization for single drum-pads and sequencer. Randomization can be switched on and off for all parameters.
- Ableton Link Support
- Drone Mode
- AUv3 - Support
- Audiobus and IAA - Support
- Midi In
- Iphone - Support

What's new in v1.18

fixed export (garageband, nanostudi 2 etc)

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

i find the new one (v1.1) much easier to use/sequence now that its in aum.
it can crash (bashing the pad randomly seems to do it very quickly)... and it doesnt look like the screen used on this site (i just get a blank block on the right right of the screen, not a block of 16 cubes).. on an ipad pro.

but ... i did a few hours this morning and got a very nice 90's idm warp style track developed using this hooked up to xox with different track lengths and an LFO running into the mutate track parameters...

basically it makes weird noises and is developing nicely..
August 22, 2020  | person Re5etuk

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