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EvolverFX AUv3 Audio Plugin

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App History

May 20, 2020
Version 1.06
May 18, 2020
Version 1.05
May 16, 2020
Version 1.04
May 14, 2020
May 11, 2020
May 08, 2020
Version 1.03
May 08, 2020
Version 1.02
Apr 29, 2020
Apr 25, 2020
Version 1.01
Apr 25, 2020
New App: v1.0
Apr 24, 2020

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App Store Description:

Evolver is a performance tool for creating multi-layered evolving sequences of sound. At its most basic think of evolver as a 4 lane sequencer which creates automatic accompaniment from notes and chords as you play on your MIDI keyboard, but it can also be used to create elastic evolving soundscapes where audio samples seamlessly merge into one another to create highly complex and original sounds.

At the heart of evolver is a sophisticated wave synthesizer and sequencing engine which can create dramatic hard hitting transitions of sounds or merge sounds to create seamless transitions that evolve in time to the beat. It has 4 sequencer lanes which can run independently and mixed together using the real-time controls or over MIDI. When you play a chord on your MIDI keyboard for instance, each of the 4 sequencer lanes will take those MIDI notes and translate them into a musical sequence of sounds which are combined together and synced to create a form of automatic accompaniment.

Evolver can load its own multi-layer patches or import them directly from Chameleon. These patches can be layered using the 4 sequencer lanes or split over a virtual keyboard. You can assign key zones, transpose them, assigned MIDI channels and velocity levels, set latch options etc. You can also load in your own one shot samples and lay them end on end to create evolving atmospheres or backing soundscapes. These samples can be looped or be free running with definable start/end and loop points using our non destructive editor.

We also included a third sound source which lets you build sounds on the fly by overlaying harmonics to create anything from traditional sine, square, triangle, saw waves to complex detuned oscilators. These can be used in conjunction with multi-samples or one-shot-samples within the same sequencer lane. You can even randomize a complete sequence of harmonic sounds which when pieced together create some very unique and dynamic voices.

Each sequencer lane can be up to 64 steps in length, each step has independent timing, pitch, volume, gate, probability, sample source etc. so the scope of what is achievable is vast. Each sequencer lane has its own ADSR, VCF and LFO which operates on all sounds within its lane, as well as being able to change the underlying settings for each sound source.

Evolver also includes an ARP function which can be run in one of the default modes or you can define your own fingering patterns to be used to enhance your playing style.

Create your own sequences, lay down your MIDI notes in your DAW and have Evolver automatically play along to your chord sequences, automatically locking to the host tempo. Sequencer events can be fixed or transposed allowing you to create percussive and drum backing using a single lane.

Key Features:

• 4 sequencer lanes
• Up to 64 notes per sequence.
• Each note can be fixed or transposed.
• Timing and note probability.
• 3 different sound source types (multi-sample, one-shot samples and harmonic) .
• Add your own loops to a sequence.
• Built in ARP function.
• Import your own samples and mutli-sample patches.
• Chameleon Support.
• 5 different effect types (reverb, delay, phaser, flanger and chorus).
• 8 band EQ.
• .Latch Feature to hold chords/notes.
• Create independent key zones with transposition and MIDI channels.
• Paramter Automation from your DAW.
• Control mixing and sequencer enable buttons using MIDI.
• Built in Sampler.
• Multiple Import options (including an experimental SFZ format).
• iTunes and Files App importing of samples into the audio pool.
• Files App Drag & Drop Support
• Comprehensive Help pages included.

Please Note: Not all features are currently compatible with Auria.

What's new in v1.06

Finally found a solution to the sticking notes issue when using MIDI Guitar 2 and other apps that send irratic MIDI information. This was a problem introduced into v1.04 and should now be resolved.
Other minor bug fixes and changes to documentation.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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