MM-1 MuteMaster

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App History

Jan 09, 2021
Dec 21, 2020
Dec 03, 2020
Nov 25, 2020
Nov 03, 2020
Oct 29, 2020
May 09, 2020
Version 1.0.3
May 07, 2020
Version 1.0.2
May 01, 2020
New App: $4.99, v1.0.1
Apr 27, 2020

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App Store Description:

MM-1 is a unique effect plugin designed to create automated or generative arrangements by automatically mixing multiple tracks inside a DAW.

When placed on multiple tracks, individual instances work together using a shared state system allowing the plugin to mute or fade any track it's placed on.

Mute Patterns are used to select which tracks are being muted and can either be selected manually or cycled in various ways using different sources including a built-in trigger sequencer, chance and divider modules as well as keyboard input.

In addition, mutes can either be applied instantly to create tight rythmic changes or faded gradually by a variable amount ranging from a few milliseconds to a full 5 seconds allowing for smooth pattern changes.

The plugin supports a total of 8 mute patterns and is capable of working with up to 6 individual tracks at a time.

- Modular style Mixer
- Hard muting or smooth fading
- Up to 8 mute patterns
- Up to 6 channels
- Built-in trigger sequencer
- Built-in trigger divider & chance module

- iOS11+
- iPad 4th generation or newer

What's new in v1.0.3

1.0.3 (112)
- Tweaked knob response
- Fixed an issue where resetting the host timeline would not reset the trigger divider
- Fixed an issue where resetting the host timeline would not reset the active pattern
- Fixed an issue where short fade times could generate artefacts in some cases
- Fixed an issue where deleting all instances in a session would not clear the shared state

iPad Screenshots:


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