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JAX Convolutor PE (Audio Unit)

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App History

Nov 21, 2020
Version 1.95
Jan 14, 2020
Version 1.9
Jan 10, 2020
Version 1.8
Jan 08, 2020
Version 1.7
Jan 02, 2020
New App: $0.0, v1.7
Jan 01, 2020

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App Store Description:


This free edition of the JAX Convolutor uses over 120 included IR Files for reverberation. All functionality is enabled (except loading own files). The upcoming JAX Convolutor PRO will allow to import / load unlimited individual IR files.

Please understand that convolution uses conceptionally much CPU and requires larger rendering buffers to perform successfully. JAX Convolutors are consequently stereo processing convolutors, that are optimized for usage with very large IR files. This allows them to be used as mastering reverbs.

Convolution effects are well known and commonly used in music production since many years.

Convolution is a highly complex signal processing approach, that needs some certain computation power. The recorded impulse response of a real world environment is used to render a reverberation effect onto any audio material, so that it sounds like the source was played in that original room or location. Some further adjustments and manipulations can be applied to refine these results in realtime.

IR files are mostly files recorded with special equipment, but basically are just usual audio files (srereo) with a reverberated sound of an ultra short impulse. It is even possible to capture synthetic reverbs and other effects with this technique, for instance from famous ancient vintage equipment, as rare plate and spring reverbs. If other kind of files are used, some wired special effects can be achieved thru convolution or just some kind of creative audio garbage. But also rhythmic effects are possible when the correct IR sizes are used (correctly adopted to the current tempo of the composition).

A comprehensive manual is shipped with the app.

What's new in v1.95

Maintenance update version 1.95

This version of the free JAX Convolutor PE was synchronized with the current release of the JAX Convolutor PRO.

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