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EZ Reverb - AUV3 Audio FX

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App Store Description:

EZ Reverb is a reverb audio plugin. It is perfect for giving depth and space to your mixes as well as having extreme reverb times for interesting sound design. The simple to use, intuitive interface gives you complete control over your sound.

It is capable of short, room-like spaces to, huge, practically infinite cavernous spaces.

The interface is centred around an XY pad, which controls the pan and length of the reverb. The colour control can change the reverb from a dark muffled space to a bright wide open one and the pre-delay can help give clarity and separation between the dry and wet signals. Boosting the input gain will subtly saturate the signal, giving a warm analogue feel. You can also pan the reverb’s output, which can give your mixes a tasty stereo depth.

EZ Reverb runs as an AUV3, with all its parameters exposed for automation and state-saving from within any DAW. It is very lightweight on CPU usage and you can chain many instances together for more complex FX.

EZ Reverb is part of the EZ FX suite, which also includes EZ Modulator, EZ Crusher, EZ Delay and EZ Filter – all available as part of the EZFX bundle.


- Near infinite reverb time
- Pan control
- Pre-delay control
- Colour control
- Mix, input and output controls
- AUV3 ready

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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