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App History

Version 1.2.5
Mar 29, 2021
Version 1.2.4
Jan 07, 2021
Version 1.2.3
Nov 07, 2020
Version 1.2.2
Sep 23, 2020
Version 1.2.1
Aug 20, 2020
Version 1.2.0
Aug 19, 2020
Version 1.1.9
Aug 02, 2020
Version 1.1.8
Jul 06, 2020
Version 1.1.6
Jul 05, 2020
Version 1.1.4
Jul 03, 2020
Jun 24, 2020
Version 1.1.3
Jun 21, 2020
Version 1.1.2
Apr 10, 2020
Feb 26, 2020
Version 1.1.1
Feb 26, 2020
Version 1.0.2
Oct 08, 2019
Version 1.0.1
Oct 01, 2019
New App: $6.99, v1.0.0
Sep 17, 2019

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App Store Description:

ToneBoosters Barricade is a studio-quality, professional peak limiter and compressor plug-in with an unrivalled workflow, unlimited creative use and a gorgeous, functional user interface.

The ToneBoosters Barricade app captures the microphone input and processes the signals in real time. To use it as a plug-in, use an AUv3-compatible host app such as Steinberg Cubasis, Apple Garageband, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, Auria, AUM, or others. ToneBoosters Barricade will appear in the list of Audio Unit extensions for effect plug-ins.

Key features:

- Studio-grade, transparent peak limiting
- The same professional sound as the acclaimed desktop version
- ITU and EBU-compliant true-peak limiting option
- Integrated ITU and EBU compliant loudness meter
- Input modeller for analog circuitry simulation and saturation
- Accurate metering of input and output levels, as well as attenuation
- Simultaneous peak, peak hold, and RMS metering
- Fully automatic, content dependent or manual tuning of limiter behaviour
- Undo/redo, and A/B comparison
- Color themes for the user interface
- Max screen support in Garageband
- Legacy Inter-App Audio (IAA) support
- Optimised for iPad and compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch

What you should know:
- Inter-App Audio (IAA) can only use one instance of this app simultaneously. We recommend to use an AUv3 host to use multiple instances.
- Licenses acquired for this platform are not compatible with other platforms.
- Audio Unit extensions require an iPad mini 2, iPad 4 or later models.

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in Apple Garageband for iOS:

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in Steinberg Cubasis for iOS:

How to use this app as AUv3 plug-in in Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for iOS:

What's new in v1.2.5

Significant UI performance improvements
New audio settings panel for stand-alone app to set sampling rates and frame sizes(latency)

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

This is the missing puzzle piece for those of us trying to break our Fab Filter habit. Combine the excellent TB Barricade (Limiter/Compressor) with the equally excellent TB Equalizer, and you can do without Pro-L and Pro-Q. Do those apps offer more? Yes, but how much more does anyone who isn’t a sound engineer actually need.

FF, continue to blame Apple for not letting them offer discounts to folks who bought FF apps under the increasingly flaky Auria Pro. It’s bullshit, of course. FF don’t need to know Apple customer ID’s. As long as Apple has that info, then FF could supply codes to be handed out on application. But no, that might benefit customers.
September 24, 2019  | person Zen

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