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App History

Version 1.1.4
Feb 28, 2020
Version 1.1.3
Feb 20, 2020
Version 1.1.2
Feb 14, 2020
Version 1.1.1
Jan 30, 2020
Version 1.1.0
Jan 07, 2020
Version 1.0.5
Dec 11, 2019
Version 1.0.4
Nov 01, 2019
Version 1.0.3
Oct 18, 2019
Version 1.0.2
Oct 04, 2019
Version 1.0.1
Sep 27, 2019
New App: $0.0, v1.0
Sep 17, 2019

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App Store Description:

Find Your Creative Flow.

Roland Zenbeats is a music creation app designed to keep you in an effortless artistic flow. Get started on any device or platform. With its collection of both modern and legendary sounds, Zenbeats brings Roland’s history of innovation into a dynamic, accessible environment.

Music Shouldn’t Feel Like Work—It Should Feel Like Play

Whether you’re an emerging musician or an established producer, Zenbeats makes music creation easy. Make beats, access lessons, and sample the world around you. Wherever you are, no matter what platform or device you use, capture your creative spark with Zenbeats.

Fresh Sounds—Fresh Ideas

The Zenbeats store is packed with sounds, loops, and creative tools to expand your musical palette. Search by specific genre or access the entire collection with “Ultimate” to unlock everything inside Zenbeats.

Classic Roland Sounds and Themes

Awaken your music’s possibilities with signature sounds from Roland’s legendary TR-808, TR-909, and TR-707. Choose custom skins to match the vibe of your Zenbeats mobile or home studio. Launch themes include “808 Nights" and “909 Days,” with many more to come.

Touch the Future

Roland Zenbeats’ touchscreen interface places you in a tactile music-making zone. Zenbeats arrives pre-loaded with on-screen controllers, instruments, and effects. Tap, swipe, modulate, and pitch bend sounds using gestures with Zenbeats’ on-screen instruments including drum pads, keys, and ultra-flexible note grid.

Experience core versions of all nine instruments and 14 effects with your free membership. Then, upgrade to “Ultimate” to unlock external plugin support, automation graphs, and other features.

Sample the Universe
With its phrase arpeggiator, multiple oscillators, and powerful filters, SampleVerse makes musical possibilities infinite. Play, edit, and capture sounds from your world, including acoustic instruments and live vocals.

Pure Polyphony

Incorporating MIDI Polyphonic Expression, Zenbeats gives you control of each note’s parameters. MPE, paired with an intuitive touchscreen interface, makes working in Zenbeats a uniquely expressive experience.

Beatmaking Bliss

Roland Zenbeats provides access to beatmaking tools and comes with a collection of kits and pattern presets. Craft rhythms with classic Roland sounds, kits, and grooves. Audition and sequence drum sounds, then swipe from left to right to create fills, double-time hits, and ratchet effects.

Manage the Magic

Streamline your creative process by accessing and recalling song templates from a single dashboard interface. With Zenbeats, you can open, search, rename, even add personalized art to your songs. Save your work to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and other cloud-based locations. Share tracks with your musical partners and collaborate. Finally, when the time is right, show your work off online via SoundCloud.

Beginner’s Mind Meets Professional Power

Features like loop-building, beat-sync, and key lock make Zenbeats the perfect platform for aspiring songwriters, beatmakers, and producers.

As a bonus, included with Zenbeats are tutorials like “Using the Loop Browser,” “Using the Audio Editor,” and others to elevate your music-making.

Start using Zenbeats for free. Then, upgrade to unlock more features.

Zenbeats Free

-Unlimited audio and instrument tracks
-Nine instruments with full features
-Four effects
-Basic song sharing

Zenbeats iOS Unlock V1 ($14.99)

-Unlock Zenbeats for your iPhone and iPad devices.
-All 23 instruments and effects fully unlocked
-AUv3 Support
-Sampleverse plus 500MB content pack
-Unlocked mixing features
-Pro export options including stems

Zenbeats Ultimate V1 ($149.99)

Get an all-access VIP pass to Zenbeats and every loop and preset pack. Ultimate unlocks all Zenbeats features across all platforms and devices.

-All in-app loop packs included
-All in-app preset packs included
-Over 6000 sounds

What's new in v1.1.4

Numerous Bug Fixes and Stability Enhancements

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

They couldn’t pay me to buy this, with what you so accurately describe as bullshit currency. As for AB Forum, I quit that a long time ago, and had a peek again recently. Same old good guys same old bastards. Not for me.
September 18, 2019  | person Zen
As this thing surfaced again, I checked my old Stagelight app, and found that I could not alter my sign in details, because I’d swapped e-mail addresses, and confirmation was being sent to the old one to which I no longer have access. Attempting to use the current e-mail resulted in Stagelight offering to sell me the packs I’d already bought under the redundant ID. So even if I wanted to transfer them to the Roland gizmo, I couldn’t. As a result, I have deleted Stagelight and if I get wind of those guys being a part of ANY other app, I’ll give it a wide berth,
October 01, 2019  | person Zen
This app requires a Roland backstage account. After creating one, this app could not authenticate my account!
October 15, 2019  | person Marcel

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