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Vesuvius Sampler

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Vesuvius Sampler is a 10-part groovebox for the iPad that emulates the Korg volca sample from the Korg Volca series. Developed by Finegear using Korg’s open source SYRO SDK, Vesuvius is designed to help users select, prepare, sequence and upload their samples and pattern sets for their Korg volca sample.

As an emulation of the Volca Sample, it fully reproduces the features and interface of the original hardware unit. It brings to the iPad environment the intuitive sequencer and sampler and the same array of sample manipulations enhanced with an analog isolator and an assignable reverb effect.

More than just an emulation, Vesuvius also features sample importing, MIDI sync, MIDI mapping (and learning) as well as audio session recording in order to make it as usable as possible.

There is also a sample edit view which features browsing and import options (internal library, iTunes shared folder) as well as direct sample editing, further enabling you to load and edit any of your samples wherever they are!

To load samples and patterns on Volca hardware units, Vesuvius integrates Korg’s SYRO SDK and offers a complete solution that streamlines your workflow.

You can use Vesuvius as a standalone groovebox or just to prepare your sample sets and patterns for your Volca Sample. It is also a great app to discover the world of sampling and sample mangling.

- 10 part sampling groovebox
- Part assignable reverb
- Isolator equalizer on the master
- 100 sample slots per project
- Interface emulation: it works and sounds just like the hardware version!
- Sample edit interface:
- Browse and import from internal sample library, iTunes shared folder, Dropbox and AudioCopy
- Edit samples: trim, normalize and reverse
- MIDI mapping allows the use of any class compliant MIDI controller to control the app
- MIDI learning for easy and immediate mapping for all Interface controls
- MIDI synchronisation and transport can be used to play along with other apps or devices
- Backward and forward nudging allows syncing with a band, DJ, etc
- Audio recording and export
- Save and manage sample sets and projects (made up of a sample set, - containing 100 samples and 10 patterns)
- Sample, sample set and pattern upload to hardware Volca Sample using the Korg SYRO SDK.

What’s next?
- AUv3, IAA, AudioBus integration
- Dropbox integration (sample import, recording export)
- Soundcloud recording upload
- Pattern edit interface: an alternative, more explicit and intuitive way to organise and tweak pattern parameters and their automations
- More demo projects!

/!\ Disclaimer
This is not an official Korg app and nor was it sponsored, endorsed or granted official status by Korg. Vesuvius Sampler is made by Cristian Kreindler for Finegear Evolving instruments using the Korg SYRO SDK available from https://korginc.github.io under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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