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App History

Version 3.53
Oct 18, 2020
Version 3.52
Oct 16, 2020
Version 3.51
Sep 06, 2020
Version 3.50
Aug 24, 2020
Version 3.05
Jun 12, 2020
Version 3.03
Jun 04, 2020
Version 3.02
May 28, 2020
Version 3.01
May 28, 2020
Version 2.12
May 19, 2020
Version 2.11
May 18, 2020
Version 2.10
Apr 27, 2020
Apr 17, 2020
Apr 10, 2020
Version 2.02
Feb 12, 2020
Version 2.01
Jan 09, 2020
Version 2.00
Jan 08, 2020
Version 1.70
Dec 24, 2019
Version 1.69
Dec 13, 2019
Version 1.68
Dec 07, 2019
Version 1.67
Dec 05, 2019

App Store Description:

miRack is a Eurorack-style modular environment. It aims to provide user experience and audio quality close to those of the real Eurorack hardware. miRack can be used to build custom synthesizers and effects, control other apps and equipment, as a playground to explore and learn modular synths, and for live performances.

* Comes with more than 500 modules created by third-party developers and adapted for mobile devices by miRack team. New modules are added regularly.

* Includes AUv3 plugin. Can work as an instrument, audio effect or MIDI processor. Supports parameter automation to record and automate changes of almost any virtual module control.

* Multi-channel audio input and output (in both standalone and AUv3 modes), with full support for Expert Sleepers audio interface modules to integrate with hardware Eurorack equipment.

* MIDI input and output, including MIDI clock sync, and MIDI learn function. Automate and control your patch, or control other software and hardware instruments with powerful sequencer modules.

* Ableton Link support to synchronise with other music software on the same device or over network.

* iCloud support to sync patches between iOS and macOS app versions.

* Visit patchstorage.com/platform/mirack for inspiration and to share your patches.

Newer devices are recommended for better performance. Modules may vary greatly in CPU usage, the size of the patch your device is able run will depend on the modules used.

What's new in v3.53

== We've got a new website and a discussion board - https://discuss.mirack.app - there's nothing much there, but you are welcome to discuss anything related to miRack, modular synthesis and music production in general, and of course post your miRack feedback or questions. ==

Version 3.53 fixes several issues found in the last update. Version 3.52 details are below.


* Bogaudio modules have been updated to the latest available version. There's a bunch of very intersting new modules, including VCFs and equalizers.

* MI modules got some improvements and fixes to their UI.

* Fixed a crash when switching range parameter of Audible Instruments Tidal Modulator 2.

* Fixed Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer STRENGTH input which was previously inverted. For compatibility, the old behaviour can be enabled in the module menu and is enabled automatically for existing patches.


* New Reset command at the bottom of the Patch menu allows to disconnect all cables or initialize all modules in a patch at once.

* Added 32-channel audio output and input modules. These bigger modules are not shown in the module browser, use module menu to set the number of channels to 32.

* Fixed occasional module movement issues when zoomed.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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