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App History

Version 1.4040
Sep 16, 2021
Version 1.4039
Jun 24, 2021
Version 1.4038
May 18, 2021
Version 1.4035
May 04, 2021
Version 1.4034
Apr 22, 2021
Version 1.4031
Apr 15, 2021
Version 1.4025
Feb 23, 2021
Version 1.4024
Feb 23, 2021
Version 1.4022
Feb 09, 2021
Version 1.4021
Feb 03, 2021
Version 1.4019
Feb 02, 2021
Version 1.4018
Jan 28, 2021
Version 1.4012
Jan 20, 2021
Version 1.4010
Jan 14, 2021
Version 1.4001
Oct 24, 2020
Version 1.4000
Sep 30, 2020
Version 1.3795
Sep 11, 2020
Version 1.379
Sep 09, 2020
Version 1.378
Sep 08, 2020
Version 1.374
May 06, 2020

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App Store Description:

Koala is the ultimate pocket-sized sampler. Record anything with your phone's mic instantly. Use Koala to create beats with those samples, add effects and create a track!

Koala’s super intuitive interface helps you make a tracks in a flash, there is no brake pedal. You can also resample the output of the app back into the input, through the effects, so the sonic possibilities are endless.

Koala's design focuses totally on making the music making progress instant, keeping you in the flow and keeping it fun, not getting bogged down by pages of parameters and micro-editing.

* Record up to 64 different samples with your mic
* Transform your voice or any other sound with 16 superb built-in fx
* Resample the output of the app back into a new sample
* Export loops or entire tracks as professional quality WAV files
* Direct export to Ableton Live Set
* Copy/paste or merge sequences just by dragging them
* Create beats with the high-resolution sequencer
* Import samples using AudioShare or just open them in Koala
* Import samples with the Files app or from videos
* Keyboard mode lets you play chromatically or one of 9 scales
* Quantize, add swing to get the right feel
* Normal/One-shot/Loop/Reverse playback of samples
* 6 Choke groups
* Attack, release and tone adjustable on each sample
* Add any (or all) of the 8 effects to the entire mix
* AudioBus 3.0 and Inter-App Audio compatible
* MIDI controllable - play your samples on a keyboard, map the effects to knobs
* Jam with others over WiFi with Ableton Link
* Free copy of Ableton Live Lite included
* Set your own background image and choose from a growing list of background visual FX.

8 Built-in Microphone FX:
* More Bass
* More Treble
* Fuzz
* Robot
* Reverb
* Octave up
* Octave down
* Synthesizer

16 Built-in DJ Mix FX:
* Bit-crusher
* Pitch-shift
* Comb filter
* Ring modulator
* Reverb
* Stutter
* Gate
* Resonant High/Low Pass Filters
* Cutter
* Reverse
* Dub
* Tempo Delay
* Talkbox
* VibroFlange
* Dirty
* Compressor

Features included in SAMURAI In-App Purchase
* Timestretch (4 modes: Modern, Retro, Beats and Re-pitch)
* Piano roll editor
* Auto-chop (auto, equal, and lazy chop)
* Pocket operator sync out

What's new in v1.4040

- background visual effects
- count-in for recording
- selectable beats per bar
- streamlined song load list
- import button on song load list
- updated ableton link to work on iOS 14.6
- UI tweaks to improve visual feedback
- stability enhancements

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

Bought it, and played with it for a few minutes. The interface is pretty intuitive, and I was able to make a fun beat pretty quickly.
This is for when you want to make music right freakin’ now. I have been recording various equipment being hit with a percussion mallet and getting bits off of vinyl and making feedback on my guitar. If bigger apps are a full kitchen, this is for ingredient prep.

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