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App History

Version 1.0.6
Sep 18, 2019
Version 1.0.5
Sep 14, 2019
Version 1.0.4
Aug 30, 2019
Version 1.0.3
Aug 21, 2019
Version 1.0.2
Aug 16, 2019
Version 1.0.1
Aug 11, 2019
New App: $0.0, v1.0
Aug 08, 2019

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App Store Description:

Chord AI uses recent advances in AI to give you the chords of any song automatically. You won't need anymore to look for the chords of a song on the web.

Chord AI works offline. You don't need to have an internet connection unless you want to play a song from YouTube or a streaming service.

Chord AI currently recognizes all major and minor chords. Recognition of rare chords such as seventh, ninth, augmented, diminished chords etc. will be available in later updates. Please be patient :)

Chord AI can find the chords of a song in two ways:
1) Through your device microphone. Any song playing around you, or played by your device, is analyzed through your device microphone and the chords of the song are shown in real time. You can go back in time and replay the song together with the chord displayed on a timeline.
2) For audio files that you have on your device or iCloud, Chord AI will process the file in a few seconds to give you all the chords of the song at once

Regarding the In-App Purchase: You will be able to use Chord AI for free for a few minutes each day, which is probably enough for many users. After the limit is reached within a day you may be asked to buy the in-app purchase, which will give unlimited use. This is not a subscription, you just need to pay once for a lifetime.

Any feedback appreciated at contact@nomadai.org

What's new in v1.0.6

• Stability improvements

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

The IAP was changed to four dollars.
August 09, 2019  | person SodaMountain

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