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App History

Version 1.4
May 23, 2019
Version 1.2
Dec 14, 2018
New App: $19.99, v1.0
Oct 28, 2018

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App Store Description:

StreamByter is a plugin for creating custom MIDI effects. It can be used as an Apple Audio Unit (AU) effect or as a standalone app connected via CoreMIDI virtual ports. StreamByter is ported from our acclaimed MidiFire MIDI processing environment.

A suitable AU host app such as Logic Pro X (at least version 10.4.2) is required to use the AU variant. To use with CoreMIDI, a routing app like MidiFire is recommended.

Use StreamByter to:

- Extend the MIDI processing functionality of any AUv3 host that supports MIDI FX.
- Remap channels, notes, controllers (anything MIDI)
- Filter MIDI events coarsely or finely
- Clone or Delay any event
- Send any event automatically when plugin is loaded
- Create complex effects using programming concepts like conditionals, loops, variables (including array, timing and random), and math operators.

StreamByter is configured using a textual rules 'language' that defines how the effect should operate. Please see the support link to go to our website for full details.

StreamByter is built using the MidiBus library - http://midib.us

What's new in v1.4

This version matches iOS version 1.5 and includes many new features:
- 16 bi-directional, configurable graphical controls (sliders, buttons and menus)
- Nimble Looper, Flying Faders, Poly Fudge, Panic and Blue Velvet (Factory Presets)
- major improvement of language syntax; use long keywords if you prefer
- aliases, macros, includes and subroutines
- use '$' in front of decimal literals for those who are hex challenged
- specify note numbers using yamaha convention (c-2 to G8) using '^' symbol (eg. ^C#1)

other enhancements/fixes:
- ELSE option inside conditionals
- touch anywhere on slider and thumbwheel will jump to that position (handy for on/off switching)
- use decimals in array indices (eg. K$23 or KL$42)
- use BLOCK keyword to block an event (same as XX = XX +B)
- use EXIT keyword to terminate the processing immediately
- use SEND (SND), ASSIGN (ASS) and MATH or CALC (MAT) keywords
- new 'BPM' variable contains the current host BPM (in 100's of BPM units)
- send any arbitrary message (OSC) over UDP using SND +U (see manual for details)
- new 'W (wide) array of 16x128 of unsigned 16 bit integers
- new 'P' (precision) array of 256 *signed* 32 bit integers for higher precision maths
- note ons with velocity of zero (NVR-nil velocity rewrite) are rewritten to note offs by default (use SET NVR 0 to disable this)
- ML/MC/MT can be used with indirection (eg. ASS I0 = KMC)
- IF KL0 == 1 2 3 4 does correct thing now

Manual links to StreamByter University or from a browser you can type: learn.streambyter.com

macOS Screenshots:


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