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App History

Version 1.27
May 08, 2019
Version 1.26
May 06, 2019
Version 1.25
May 03, 2019
Version 1.24
May 01, 2019
Version 1.23
Apr 30, 2019
Version 1.22
Dec 04, 2018
Version 1.21
Dec 01, 2018
Version 1.2
Nov 24, 2018
Version 1.1
Nov 17, 2018
New App: $3.99, v1.0
Nov 14, 2018

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App Store Description:

AUv3 Midi sequence generator which generates musical evolving sequences that you can further automate or modulate via midi.

A clever algorithm creates a musical sequence which is output as a midi signal which can be used to drive a software synthesiser or a hardware device. Various settings allow the sequence to be constrained to scales and chords, transposed on the fly and also allowed to gently mutate giving an evolving sequence.

All the controls can be modulated or automated via midi.

Needs a AU host like AUM and generates no sound on its own.

"My solution has been to make the equipment unreliable in various ways." - Brian Eno

What's new in v1.27

Knobs weren't updated with new data on load - fixed

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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