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KB-1 Keyboard Suite

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App Store Description:

KB-1 MIDI Keyboard

KB-1 is a suite of expressive virtual keyboards and controllers designed for a multitude of scenarios.

Play multiple instruments simultaneously, complete with MIDI Polyphonic Expression, scales, chords, strumming and more.

- 8 distinct Keyboard Layouts
- Multiple Rows per Keyboard
- Multiple Octaves per Keyboard Row
- 15+ Scales (for layouts that support scales)
- MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
- Standalone operation with multiple Keyboards and dedicated MIDI outputs per Keyboard
- AUv3 MIDI Plugin

- Classic (Piano Keys + Wheels)
- Uniform (Seboard-style Keys and Layout)
- String (String-style Keys)
- Scale (Uniform layout with scale support)
- Chord (One key per chord for all scale degrees)
- Drum (up to 16 user mappable drum pads)
- XY (up to 2 configurable XY-Pads)
- CC (up to 16 user mappable knobs for CC control)

- Glide (horizontal)
- Slide (vertical)
- Velocity (mapped to y-axis)
- Pressure (iPhone only)

App Connectivity:
- Standalone
- AUv3 MIDI Instrument

MIDI Connectivity:
- Inter-App MIDI
- Network MIDI

What's new in v1.2

- Added per-keyboard preset mangement including some factory presets
- Added mapping browser including some factory drum mappings
- Mappings can now be imported/exported
- Drum layout can now be set to ouput to individual MIDI channels per pad
- Root Note & Scale can now be changed from the main screen
- Roll/Note Repeat now brings up a dedicated control for setting the repeat rate
- Chord layout can now output the bass note to a 2nd MIDI channel (great for transposing sequences)
- Fixed an issue where the chord layout would not respect the MIDI channel setting
- AUv3: Fixed an issue where the plugin would crash when changing MPE/MIDI Channels
- Drum: fixed an issue where changing octaves per row would have no effect on the drum layout
- Fixed an issue where "Slide sends Aftertouch" option would not restore properly when loading a preset or session
- Fixed an issue where horizontal slide (glide) would not be completly smooth even at max sensitivity
- Fixed an issue where the Maj V7 chord was voiced incorrectly
- Fixed an issue where selecting mappings for the xy controller was not possible
- Fixed an issue where the MIDI output channel for some layouts was off by one when running the AUv3

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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