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Wotja Box 19

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App History

Version 19.0.9
Jan 10, 2019
Version 19.0.7
Jan 03, 2019
New App: $4.99, v19.0.1
Jan 01, 2019

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iTunes Description:

Love listening to music & melodies in the ambient genre? Use mid-range Wotja Box 19 to easily generate fresh music that’s beautiful, personal & unique to you. Made live on your device, the music is not an internet stream, recording or loop. So be in the 'now', be Zen!

Wotja's success stems from many years of continuous development.

Start the all-new 'Flow Player' mode for mix-after-mix of live relaxing music. Or, with one tap, make albums of auto-generated mixes. Use Randomization Presets to change what is generated. Export the Flow mixes that you particularly love as single mix albums for later playback.

"Masterpiece", "the best generative software that I have ever used", "Brilliant", "Extremely musical", "Love Wotja!"

This paid-for version of Wotja V19 has a mid-range 'Box' Feature Set. It’s for those who have no need for the advanced creativity or interoperability features of the 'Pro’ Feature Set but who want to do more than is possible in either 'Wotja Go 19' or the 'Free' tier Feature Set available in the free version.

It allows up to 2 hours music play time and has full .wotjabox album edit/save/export capabilities. It allows new random mixes to be added to albums and includes a number of Randomization Presets that can be edited and saved to your own presets. These Presets allow you to change what is created, e.g. template selection, text display, visual background generation, mix durations etc.

If you have a need for a music play time that is more than 2 hours and/or want to explore the advanced creativity or interoperability features of the Wotja system then consider getting the paid-for 'Wotja Pro 19'.

Alternatively, if available, consider a Subscription version and take out a Subscription to a 'Box' or ’Pro' Feature Set tier. The Subscription version also includes optional 'Long Play' Subscriptions for those that need to play their own mixes in e.g. a long play music installation.

'Wotja Box 19’ will get all relevant Wotja V19 updates during the course of 2019.

• See our website.

• 'Flow' mode for a cool succession of freshly generated & effective mixes
• Powerful 'Randomization Presets' to make it quick & easy to change the feel of automatic mixes (Flow, Albums etc.)
• Improved harmonisation in the IME 19 music engine
• BP4 Backings pak & reworked TTM 1
• Many UI & usability improvements
• 'Wotja Box 19' & 'Wotja Go 19' apps

• 100s of gorgeous generative music templates
• Music Engine (IME) with 130+ parameters for generative (MIDI) music generation
• Sound Engine (ISE) with powerful modular synth & FX
• IME 'Text-to-Music' capability for melody generation
• Support for Dark/Light UI, iCloud

1) To compose its generative music & melodies the Wotja system uses generative techniques we've been crafting for nearly 30 years. It is the continued evolution of SSEYO Koan, Noatikl, Mixtikl, Liptikl & Tiklbox.
2) FREE Paks: https://intermorphic.com/pak

• Info, FAQ, Guide, Videos & More: https://intermorphic.com/wotja
• Privacy: https://intermorphic.com/privacy
• Terms: https://intermorphic.com/tos

Please let us know via @intermorphic on Twitter or our website contact form. Thank you!

What's new in v19.0.9

• New Feature: Added a segment control to the Documents screen for easy selection of 'User' Files or 'Built-In' Albums and consequently removed the top left Album button; both segments include the Flow button
• Improved: App stability and further UI improvements
• Fixed: A number of other bugs and localisation issues

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