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App History

Version 1.02
Jan 03, 2019
Version 1.01
Aug 02, 2018
New App: $0.0, v1.0
Jul 18, 2018

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App Store Description:

NOTE: AU MIDI plugins are audio unit extensions that are meant to be loaded in compatible hosts, such as AUM, AudioBus 3, apeMatrix, Beatmaker, Cubasis 2, Nanostudio 2, or Sequencism. Please follow the instructions in the included manual.

Physicles is a container of physics-based Audio Unit MIDI plugins. These AU MIDI plugins generate MIDI messages through the use of an underlying physics engine, which models the physical interactions between various entities.

In this version, the following plugins are included:

1) Physicle Bouncy: In this playground, multiple balls bounce inside a polygon. MIDI messages are generated whenever a ball collides with the side of the polygon.
2) Physicle Gravity: In this playground, generators spawn balls every certain beats, which will then produce MIDI messages after colliding with user-drawn segments.

- The plugins do not generate any sound, only MIDI messages.

What's new in v1.02

Introducing Physicles Gravity! A new AUv3 MIDI playground, where users can tap the screen to create ball generators, and pan one finger around the playground to create segments. MIDI messages will be created whenever a ball and a segment collide!
Users can use two finger gestures (panning and zooming) to pan and zoom in/out of the playground. Also, tap an already selected generator to change parameters such as ball spawn rate, ball velocity, and number of collisions.

In this version there are other small optimisations, such as a simpler way to activate "frozen" playgrounds - both on gravity and on bouncy.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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