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App History

Version 1.02
Nov 06, 2019
Aug 27, 2019
Version 1.01
Jun 07, 2019
New App: $99.99, v1.0
Jul 07, 2018

App Store Description:

If you can tap your finger, you can play the MindHarp.

What is it?
The MindHarp enables anyone to play music and interact with musical sound without any musical background, skill or training. Simply tapping any of the 8 coloured buttons triggers carefully designed and harmonised sounds.

It is fun and enjoyable and you can immerse yourself or play with others. All the carefully crafted, beautiful sounds of the Mindharp work together. You cannot go wrong.

All future updates and support are included in the one-off purchase price. There is no subscription or in-app purchasing.

How can you benefit from it?
As well as being fun and rewarding, you will discover that actively engaging with the MindHarp has a profound effect on how you feel. It relaxes, calms and soothes. We call this well-being through music.

It is fun and accessible for all ages. The MindHarp is a wonderful way to bring friends, families and groups of different ages together.

The MindHarp is used as an effective tool for Music Therapy and Well-Being:

• Enhances social interaction
• Enables a sense of autonomy and builds confidence and self-esteem.
• Easy to use with or without facilitators
• Can be used anywhere: At home, in care homes, care centres, and at schools.

MindHarp as a tool for carers
The MindHarp is an established and proven tool for carers. Recognised as ‘Best Innovation’ in the National Dementia care Awards, the MindHarp is used extensively by professional carers and domestic carers. The interface is simple, bold and easy to navigate for both the care-giver and the cared-for. The extensive musical sound content provides a wide range of different stimuli.

Visit our website https://mindharp.world to discover:

• Why actively playing with music is so healthy for us
• Proven activities and approaches to making the most of the MindHarp
• What users and carers have to say about the MindHarp
• Our helpful suite of videos: Set-up, activity ideas and user feedback

Subscribe to our our Museletter and stay in touch with cutting edge developments in well-being through music. https://mindharp.world/join-our-mailing-list

What's new in v1.02

Now includes iPhone version

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

I want this so bad, man needs to be like $5 though. It looks like it would help handicapped peeps and mental nutters like me ha?! Weird app eh
September 07, 2019  | person Oceans in space

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