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App History

Version 1.04
Jun 24, 2020
Version 1.03
May 18, 2020
Apr 02, 2020
Version 1.02
Nov 06, 2019
Aug 27, 2019
Version 1.01
Jun 07, 2019
New App: $99.99, v1.0
Jul 07, 2018

App Store Description:

MindHarp is a new and unique way to relax and find calm through the power of musical sound. Anyone can play and enjoy MindHarp. By tapping buttons on a simple interface, players can explore a wide range of finely crafted and professionally produced musical sound.

For the first time, anyone can experience the feeling and joy of making and creating music.

With MindHarp there is no right or wrong. Whatever you tap turns into beautiful, creative sounds. Experience a taste of this by visiting our website https://mindharp.world.

New to MindHarp are Musitations: Musical journeys to immerse and engage the player, or players.

MindHarp Musitations are an excellent alternative, or addition to, traditional meditation or mindfulness practice. Through guided narratives, you are taken on exciting musical journeys. Relaxing, calming and engaging, they are a more accessible way to re-focus and re-calibrate the mind.

MindHarp Musitations are both ‘passive’ and ‘active’. You can relax, sit back and enjoy the journey. With active Musitations you can participate and play, with the reassurance of an experienced guide to help you discover sounds, techniques and ways to interact with MindHarp.

Going ‘solo’ is where you take yourself on your own musical expedition and explore and discover MindHarp for yourself.

MindHarp can be played in pairs or groups. Friends can come together and create music, parents can play with children, children can play together…MindHarp is for everyone.

Ideal for those:

- Curious to experience ‘making music’
- Seeking an easier way to meditate, focus and relax the mind
- Seeking immersive, engaging activities that are more creative and constructive
- Looking for inspiring musical sounds to accompany their yoga, relaxation or any other aspect of their lifestyle

Self-care and Healthcare:

MindHarp is already used by care professionals as part of their toolkit of activities. This includes the areas of dementia care, autism, CP and rehabilitation. MindHarp was nominated for a national award in 2019 for its contribution as a carer’s tool and activity. Visit our website https://mindharp.world to discover more.

What's new in v1.04

Added MindHarp Bank "Air" with new Passive, Active and Solo Musitations.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

I want this so bad, man needs to be like $5 though. It looks like it would help handicapped peeps and mental nutters like me ha?! Weird app eh
September 07, 2019  | person Oceans in space
On September 07, 2019 - @Oceans in space said:
I want this so bad, man needs to be like $5 though. It looks like it would help handicapped peeps and mental nutters like me ha?! Weird app eh
How about $1?

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