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Celtic Sounds MIDI Module

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App History

Version 2.8.4
Jan 27, 2021
Version 2.8
Jan 27, 2021
Version 2.7
Feb 26, 2019
Version 2.6
Nov 27, 2018
Version 2.5
Oct 05, 2018
Version 2.4
Jul 23, 2018
Jul 06, 2018
Version 2.3
Jul 05, 2018
Jul 02, 2018
Version 2.2
Jun 30, 2018
Version 2.1
Jun 29, 2018
Version 1.2
Jun 27, 2018
Version 1.1.3
Jun 26, 2018
New App: $4.99, v1.0
Jun 24, 2018

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App Store Description:

Celtic Sounds is a fully transposable MIDI sound module with five traditional Irish musical instruments:

High-D Tin Whistle
Wooden Flute
Uilleann Pipes Chanter, Drones, and Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pairs
Anglo Concertina
Button Accordion

Every note on the instruments have been individually to provide a very authentic sound. These are the exact same sounds used in my flagship traditional Irish musical instrument apps, now available in a single MIDI sound module for all iOS devices!

The app is a CoreMIDI Sound Module for use with CoreMIDI file players and other CoreMIDI controller apps.

You may also play the sounds using a hardware MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller attached to the device using a MIDI interface connected to the Lightning port.

The app also works as an Audiobus 2 source module and is compatible with Audiobus 3. Inter-App Audio support is provided by Audiobus.

Using the controls, set your instrument, transposition, volume, reverb style, reverb level, MIDI channel, and MIDI pitch bend values.

Use the "Transpose Semitones" slider to shift the entire instrument up or down up to one octave in semitone increments.

This setting shifts the pitch of the sound but does not change the MIDI note numbers the app responds to.

Touch the number to the right of the "Transpose Semitones" slider to reset the transposition to zero semitones.

Choose your reverb style from four options: Room, Hall1, Hall2, or Church

If you have a MIDI "stuck note" touch the AppCordions logo to stop all sounds.

The app responds to both MIDI note-on velocity and pitch bend messages on the selected MIDI channel.

Set the maximum pitch bend response using the "Pitch Bend Semitones". Default is two semitones.

The MIDI note ranges of the instruments are:

High-D Tin Whistle - D3 (62) - D5 (86)
Wooden Flute - D3 (62) - D5 (86)
Anglo Concertina - C2 (48) - A5 (93)
Button Accordion - G2 (53) - E5 (88)

When playing the Uilleann Pipes instrument, the following special MIDI notes, starting on C1 (36) are used for the drone and regulator sounds:

Single regulator notes:

C1 (36) - Bass regulator G
C#1 (37) - Bass regulator A
D1 (38) - Bass regulator B
D#1 (39) - Bass regulator C
E1 (40) - Baritone regulator D
F1 (41) - Baritone regulator F#
F#1 (42) - Baritone regulator G
G1 (43) - Baritone regulator A
G#1 (44) - Tenor regulator F#
A1 (45) - Tenor regulator G
A#1 (46) - Tenor regulator A
B1 (47) - Tenor regulator B
C2 (48) - Tenor regulator C


D2 (50) - Lynch Drones
D#2(51) - Crowley Drones

Regulator pairs:

E2 (52) - D/F# Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
F2 (53) - D/G Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
F#2 (54) - F#/A Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
G2 (55) - G/B Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
G#2 (56) - G/C Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair
A2 (57) - A/C Baritone/Tenor Regulator Pair

Uilleann Pipes drones key triggers (D2 and D#2) are "latching" . The drones start on the first press of the trigger key, stop on the second.

The Uilleann Pipes chanter notes start at D3 (62) and go to D5 (86)

When playing the Uilleann Pipes instrument, any pitch bend messages received only effect the chanter notes, not the drones or regulators.

MIDI Transpose Control for use with MIDI Chanters and other MIDI controllers:

Use the "MIDI Transpose Semitones" slider to shift the incoming MIDI note messages up or down up to one octave in semitone increments. This is useful for MIDI chanters or other controllers that have a fixed message range. For example, to play the whistle sound using a Fagerstrom Uilleann Technopipes MIDI chanter, which has a bottom note of 69, set a value of -7 to shift the bottom note down to 62, which is the bottom of the High-D Tin Whistle range.

Touch the number to the right of the "MIDI Transpose Semitones" slider to reset the MIDI transposition to zero semitones.

What's new in v2.8.4

Better MIDI Pitch Bend handling for the WARBL USB MIDI wind controller. Fixed the instrument and reverb selectors text color, dark mode, and touch detect issues accidentally introduced in version 2.8

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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