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Mackie Master Fader 5

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App History

Version 5.1.1
Jun 10, 2020
Version 5.1
Jan 30, 2020
Version 5.0.2
Mar 28, 2019
Version 5.0.1
Jan 08, 2019
New App: $0.0, v5.0
Oct 30, 2018

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App Store Description:

The Mackie Master Fader™ 5.1.1 app provides complete wireless control over your Mackie DL32R, DL32S, DL16S, DL1608 and DL806 wireless digital mixer. Proven at more than 5 million live mixes worldwide, the incredibly intuitive Master Fader control app is packed with powerful processing and a rich set of mixing tools for any professional application.

Master Fader is the heart of any DL Series system with a proven, intuitive workflow that leads the industry. Only Mackie can deliver the ease-of-use that Master Fader delivers. With a completely customizable UI that is scalable for users of any skill level, Master Fader is the most adaptable control app available.

A DL Series mixer is required for audio mixing and processing.

What's new in v5.1.1

Master Fader 5.1.1 Build 28.532

Supported DL Products DL16S, DL32S, DL32R, DL1608, DL806
Note: Axis System (DL32R + DC16) Please continue using Master Fader 4.6.2 for Axis System support.

Supported iOS Version:

• iOS (11 or higher)

Fixed Issues in Master Fader 5.1.1 Build 28.532:

• Crash when connecting from second device after upgrading to Master Fader 5.1
• Crash when copying FX Send fader level
• Fixed jumpy faders
• UI and DSP out of sync when aux mute and LR mute are set to independent states
• Vintage EQ Adjustments are shown in GEQ Thumbnails
• Images do not show up in import/export popovers
• Access Limits All Off Button Switches You Back to the Settings page
• Phone UI channel ID pop-over can be accessed when in Access Limit, Mute Group, Show & Help view
• No Show Notes in Portrait Mode on small tablets
• LR Main is still accessible when access limited
• Can select Master Channels in Overview when access limits are enabled
• Current State parameters of stereo channel linked even over odd are lost when Master Fader is closed, re-opened, and connect to a mixer
• Disabled swipe zone between Aux sliders in input routing view
• [DL806/1608] Phantom clip indicator on random channels
• Custom names for linked outputs only show custom name for "left" channel in mix selector
• Inconsistent image count when exporting and importing shows from Master Fader 4.6.2
• Quick Assign popover is not centered
• Mute Groups can be accessed in overview when Access Limits are set
• Alignment issue when naming linked outputs
• Long names overlap linked symbol in output Mix Selector
• De-Selecting Multi-Select and disabling a single Mute Group causes all Mute Groups to become disabled

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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