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App History

May 17, 2020
Jan 21, 2019
Version 1.5
Jun 15, 2018
New App: $4.99, v1.4
May 08, 2018

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App Store Description:

Modulin is the world's most customizable synthesizer. It allows for unique personal expression while providing a wide spectrum of visual feedback. The playful colored strings are visually appealing while providing the user with fluent modulation of Modulin's LFO. The LFO replicates the vibrato effect heard throughout an orchestra or choir. The LFO can be set to four different wave types: Sinuous, Triangle, Sawtooth, and Square. It also can be set to a wide variety of frequency ranges. Modulin's oscillator can also be set to these four waveforms, but its pitch is controlled by the strings and a tuning knob. A simple low-pass filter allows you to cut off the unnecessary frequencies. The glide rate knob on Modulin creates a fluent portamento effect and allows for some pretty cool instrument replications. A slider located in the middle of the effects view can be dragged to reveal different effects and extra sound makers. Modulin includes reverb, delay, and chorus. It also contains a separate white noise module. Modulin simulates paraphonicness by allowing for a second VCO multiplied to form a gap of up to 2 octaves. Below all the knobs, an ADSR control allows you to manipulate the attack, decay, sustain, and release of your sounds.

Modulin truly is the complete package for channeling your inner-composer. It can even record and store your works of art. A record button allows you to lay down a beat and overwrite it with complex melodies. The tracks button allows you to manage your tracks as you add them.

New to synthesis? No problem. Modulin has an explore section that takes you through every component in an analog synthesizer, describing what it does alongside a diagram of how signals flow through it.

Master of all things musical? Modulin's got you covered again. You can change the root note, octave, and type of scale that Modulin uses. If you feel really confident, you could even turn off the note names in the settings and try to memorize where everything is.

With over 40 presets and other preset packages to buy, you will never run out of new and unique sounds. Even if you do, you can create your own and save it for later or share it with friends by the swipe of your finger.

Fat fingers? Don't worry. With Modulin’s design, you can plug in an external MIDI keyboard and play it however you like. You can even map certain knobs on Modulin to knobs on your keyboard. It's magic!

The more you explore Modulin, the more fun it becomes. You can personalize it by adding your own custom color or amp up the expression through the pressure sensitivity setting.

・Comes with over 40 presets (More available through Modulin’s store)
・Easily share presets and recordings with friends
・MIDI CC mapping
・Amazing digital synth sounds
・Multi track recordings
・Synthesis exploration area
・22 Scales (With the ability to add your own)
・Save custom presets
・Favoritize presets for quick and easy access
・Built-in metronome for playing in time
・Customizable color
・Toggling of note labels
・Fun flexible strings and an oscilloscope in the upper corner give a great level of feedback
・Effortless and intuitive design

・All 64-bit iOS devices
・External MIDI controllers
・Bluetooth MIDI controller
・Audiobus and Inter-App Audio
・Share custom preset files over AirDrop, Mail, or other 3rd party applications
・3D Touch LFO Modulation
・Drag and Drop for Presets

What's new in v1.5

Lots of updates have been made including both bug fixes and the addition of highly requested features. Knobs no longer go past the end and wrap around. Instead, they stop in place at the end of the loop. The bug involving the selection of Bluetooth midi connections has now been fixed. A slightly darkened border has been added to a few pop-ups in order to make them more visible.

The preset selector now reloads its state to the correct grouping upon reopening and even highlights the preset you are currently using. The oscilloscope fades out after the sounds have diminished to silence instead of abruptly disappearing. The buttons along the top action bar are a little more spaced out for those of you previously having trouble hitting the correct button. Animations involving the knobs and the ADSR when selecting a new preset have been adjusted to replicate the physical turning of an actual knob.

One of Modulin's new features involves the metronome. It automatically starts playing upon starting a new recording. Also, the effects panel automatically collapses when you start the recording so that you can get right to playing. Delete confirmation pop-ups have been included to prevent you from accidentally deleting one of your most important presets or recordings. The waveform knobs for both the VCO and the LFO have added snap to position capabilities. You can simply tap on one of the outer waveforms to jump to that exact waveform. The pitch wheel of any midi controller now controls pitch and the modulation wheel is automatically mapped to the cutoff frequency parameter.

The most important update Modulin has is its new support for Drag and Drop on iPads. You can now simply drag and drop your custom presets from the preset selector into any supported file manager or messaging application.​

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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