Groove Rider GR-16

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App History

Apr 26, 2019
Apr 19, 2019
Jan 01, 2019
Version 1.7
Dec 17, 2018
Dec 17, 2018
Nov 02, 2018
Oct 27, 2018
Version 1.6.3
Oct 01, 2018
Version 1.6.2
Sep 27, 2018
Version 1.6.1
Sep 19, 2018
Version 1.6.0
Sep 17, 2018
Version 1.5.4
Jul 18, 2018
Version 1.5.3
Jul 09, 2018
Version 1.5.2
Jun 25, 2018
Version 1.5.1
Jun 23, 2018
Version 1.5.0
Jun 21, 2018
Version 1.4.3
May 26, 2018
Version 1.4.2
May 05, 2018
Version 1.4.1
Mar 19, 2018
Version 1.4.0
Mar 18, 2018

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iTunes Description:

Our users will tell better than us:

"A really good groove box, so easy to get beats and hooks going in moments and the sound is just stunning!" - App Store review

"Well this is something special I can tell you, so much has gone into this and many people are going to just love this" - thesoundtestroom

"Lots of preinstalled sounds, effects and the usability is there. It allows you to be as creative as you like with no need for the numerous sub-menus you find on other software" - App Store review

"This is a very well thought out and inspirational app. It goes much further than just electronic dance music... Highly recommended!" - App Store review

"Where has this been my whole life!... Gorgeous, user friendly, simple and sonically vibrant" - App Store review
Groove Rider GR-16 is a professional step-sequenced groove box, inspired by professional hardware drum machines and rhythm boxes. It has a powerful Poison-202 based two oscillator synthesizer engine, plus a big variety of included PCM drum samples, insert/send/master effects, arpeggiator, automation recording, modulator, ADSR and filter block, and more! Built-in factory pattern library includes patterns in different music styles, which will inspire you (the list will be appended with the regular updates). Check out the patterns demo video:

One remarkable feature of GR-16 is that all the controls are arranged on one screen, just like on a real groove box device! It lets you access almost all useful parameters from the one screen. Forget about numerous sub-windows and dialogs, which ruined your inspiration in another musical apps! Groove Rider is the fastest path from your imagination to reality!

You can use GR-16 as a ready-to-go realtime musical instrument (groove box) in your jam sessions together with Ableton Link feature to synchronize it with your other music gear. Groove Rider is also very handy for quickly sketching your musical ideas, allowing you to instantly record them directly by using the Record function. Making music becomes easy and fun, in contrast with boring note drawing process and dealing with tons of files and expensive plugins in the DAW's! Don't loose your inspiration, boost it up with Groove Rider!


• supports Ableton Link, AudioBus, AudioShare, Inter-App Audio, Core Midi, Virtual Midi In/Out, Bluetooth Midi, Midi Clock sync

• synth engine is Poison-202 based: 2 oscillators, 5 waveforms (Saw, Pulse, Sine, Triangle and Super-Saw)
• synth oscillator modulation types: Ring, Sync, PW and XFM
• 83 available oscillator configurations
• WaveTable synthesis with ability to import user wavetables (Serum .wav format supported)
• Filter module with LP, BP, HP, Notch type filters, 12 and 24 dB/octave
• ADSR envelope, assignable to Amp and Filter
• Modulator module with 9 LFO shapes x 6 destinations (Pitch, Filter, Level, Pan, Osc Edit, IFX Edit)
• portamento

• polyphony up to 32 voices
• 16 sounding parts per pattern
• 16 steps x 8 bars per each part
• each step consist of up to 4 voices (notes)
• each step can be time shifted forward/backward a fractional value
• strokes for each step (to play several notes at one step)
• step trigger conditions for each note

• 12 send effect types, one send effect per pattern
• 22 master effect types, one master effect per pattern
• 34 insert effect types, one insert effect per each part
• master Limiter
• Arpeggiator with 6 modes and 50 rhythm patterns
• Scale play mode with 36 different scales to select from
• Chords and Notes play mode
• 30+ different midi groove templates
• 116 microtonal scales
• Song mode

• store up to 256 user patterns
• import & export user patterns and banks via share sheet
• pattern audio export in 16, 24 and 32 bit wav format
• Ableton Live Set export
• 29 interface skins

Minimum recommended devices:
• iPhone 5 / iPad Air



What's new in v1.7

- Song Mode added. You can now create songs from user patterns, as well as render audio and stems, export/import them as single .song.gr16 file. Detailed Song Mode description will be soon added into the GR-16 Manual Guide;
- new patterns Bank C "Vinyl House Grooves" is now available as In-App purchase. It contains 81 patterns in styles House / Tech House / Minimal House (15 separate house tracks), and 73 additional part sound presets;
- in Song Mode, you can select different pattern length (in Bars) to repeat for the patterns, used in the song (max length is 32 bars). Also, you can select pattern's starting bar, and choose individual mutes for every pattern in a song;
- in Song Mode, you can record live song automation over the existing patterns automation (REC button). Note, that song automation cannot be edited;
- wavetables sample caching added, which allows to load recent used wavetables a lot faster, than before;
- added Push Notifications system to inform the user about new pattern banks, new apps and other special offers from JimAudio; Please allow it when asked, if you'd like to stay in touch;
- added pattern playback progress bar on the main screen;
- internal tempo and events playback resolution increased. It allows to play/render audio with more precise timing accuracy; also, it fixed an issue, when after exporting long patterns/chains to a wav file, rendered bpm was slightly different than original;
- fixed crash, which occurred when playing around with all 10 fingers on the screen on the iPad;
- fixed issue on stepped type automation, when the very first parameter value was not played at pattern start, but after a small delay;
- fixed issue when Copy Bar was copying the notes, but wasn't copying the automation with them;
- fixed issue, when "swiping left" the user patterns in pattern selector was not working (Init pattern function);
- fixed issue with IFX Flanger: it was unstable when used right after IFX Free Delay;
- fixed: IFX Flanger was sounding differently when using different Sample Rate in settings;
- fixed issue with message "Format not supported", when importing patterns bank file into GR-16;
- improved: now, when jumping between patterns during playback, those parts, which have identical/similar parameter settings, will not be cut-off during pattern switching.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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