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Scythe Synthesizer

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App Store Description:

Scythe iOS app is designed for iPad. It has a powerful synthesis engine and makes it easy to create and discover sound designed.

The wavetable creator enables the creation and editing of wavetables and is integrated directly into the system to preview your creations with the current session status. You can override the oscillators to see how your creation mixes with your session's sound.

The controls have been minimized to allow a simple workflow with the same complex modulation that you might be used to. If you are new to modulation, Scythe app for iOS makes it simple with drag and drop, from source to oscillator control.

Now with CoreMIDI and Audiobus Midi input and Inter-App-Audio, Scythe synth can be integrated into your studio or workflow.

Scythe synthesizer iOS app comes with presets and library wavetables for quickly hearing some of its possibilities.

AudioShare allows importing and exporting audio with Scythe synthesis iOS app easily.

Generate custom wavetables by importing your sounds using AudioShare or iTunes file sharing, record using IAA out or directly in Scythe synthesizer app and export using Audioshare or iOS sharing options.

Please note for best wavetable generation results, sounds with low frequency content or enough spectral content is required.

Top Features of Scythe iOS app:

- High quality wavetable synthesis
- Wavetable creator
- Filter Delay effect
- Modulation control of all oscillator parameters
- Easy to learn user interface
- MIDI input - CoreMIDI & Audiobus 3
- Inter-App-Audio
- AudioShare support for importing and exporting
- Global tempo control for syncing LFOs to note duration
- Easily record, playback and export audio
- Library wavetables and presets
- Max waves = 128 = 8 voices * 2 oscillators * 8 unison

Full feature set:


- 2 Wavetable oscillators with full modulation control
- Generate wavetables with audio files imported with AudioShare
- Generate wavetables with audio files loaded from iTunes file sharing
- Load library wavetables
- Save wavetables
- Unison of up to 8 waves per oscillator


- Global tempo control in top bar
- 2 Envelope generators with controllable ADSR graph
- 3 LFOs with 8 wave modes, Note duration sync, lfo wave amplitude, 3 run modes
- Global modulation matrix control
- Modulation override


- Audiobus 3 MIDI
- Currently max voices is 8
- Scrollable keyboard
- Hold mode


- Library presets
- Save your own presets


- Record audio
- Export audio using AudioShare
- export audio using iOS export options, e.g. Dropbox


- Hardware capabilities will impact max number of waves. If your device CPU cannot synthesize the max number of waves, either adjust the unison value/modulation or reduce the number of simultaneous keys pressed
- Modulation is initially enabled by dragging the modulation link icons onto the control to be modulated.
- Hold mode is enabled/disabled by pressing the control in the keyboard scroll section

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What's new in v1.7.1

Fix for preset loading race condition crash
Fix for Filter on/off state not loading for presets

iPad Screenshots:

I wouldn't necessarily slate if as I've not played with it much yet but I've got Nave already and it doesn't seem to have as much going for it. Having to move the keyboard out of the way to be able to change envelopes etc isn't great either, you can't change the parameters live and hear what's happening. Trying to keep it all in one screen at the expense of something every sound designer needs is just poor design.
In summary, it's ok but if I'd have paid full price for it I might've been going back for a refund tbh.
November 25, 2017  | person eufex
No Auv3. I got sick of IAA issues a long time ago.
September 03, 2018  | person grammatonfeather

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