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App History

May 03, 2018
Version 2.2.0
Apr 27, 2018
Apr 01, 2018
Mar 31, 2018
Version 2.1.1
Mar 14, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 12, 2018
Mar 08, 2018
Version 2.1.0
Mar 07, 2018
Feb 12, 2018
Version 2.0.2
Jan 16, 2018
New App: $3.99, v2.0.2
Dec 18, 2017

iTunes Description:

Grid Music is a miniature workshop for creative MIDI sequencing. It can be used to compose classic 16-step patterns, but can also create loops, random branches, and polyrhythm. Its 5×5 grid allows for countless arrangements of melody and timbre while keeping the entire composition visible and easy to understand. Pitch and rhythm can be directly manipulated by touch, and the structure of a pattern can be altered in just a few taps.

• Independent sequencing of pitch, velocity, and timbre.

• Send MIDI notes and control change messages to compatible synthesizer apps. If you have a compatible MIDI interface and the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, Grid Music can control an external MIDI synthesizer.

• Easy to use built-in synthesizer featuring envelope settings, PWM, and vibrato.

• Randomize button for quickly exploring new melodies.

• Pitch quantization ensures that notes are always in key and makes it simple to create chord progressions. Includes several scale and chord options.

• Multiple levels of undo while editing patterns.

• Perform songs with perfect timing using synchronized pattern queueing.

• Support for Ableton Link allows Grid Music to play in time with other apps and devices.

• Support for the iOS Files app makes it easy to organize your compositions and access them from multiple devices.

What's new in v2.2.0

• New: Velocity Cells

Velocity cells (stars) change the loudness and MIDI velocity of all notes when active. If a velocity cell is set to the lowest value, it is a rest (labelled "—"). If a rest is active, note cells will not make any sound and no MIDI note messages will be sent on that step.

Use velocity cells to add dynamics to your patterns, or create variations on a sequence of notes by adding a sequence of rests with a different interval. The new "16 Step Velocity" template can be used as a starting point for this technique.

• New: Octave Range

You can now adjust the range of note cells from 1 to 5 octaves.

• New: Added templates featuring velocity cells.

• Changed: The default MIDI velocity is now 80, or mezzo-forte (labelled "mf" on velocity cells).

• Changed: The full volume of the built-in synthesizer is louder.

• Changed: The Shift setting has a wider range, from -3 to +3 octaves.

• Changed: Pattern Length is now called Measure Length.

• Fixed: The Play button is now easier to tap.

• Fixed: Playback no longer stops when deleting the current pattern (if there is one before or after to replace it).

• Fixed: Document thumbnails would sometimes not be updated.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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