midiFILTr-VS for Volca Sample

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App History

Version 1.0.1
May 04, 2017
New App: $1.99
Apr 11, 2017

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iTunes Description:

midiFILTr-VS is an AudioBus 3 MIDI effect and CoreMIDI capable app that improves the MIDI capabilities of a hardware Volca Sampler. The Volca Sampler is notorious for having a unique MIDI spec that requires you to trigger individual parts on different MIDI channels. midiFILTr-VS allows you to trigger parts as you would normally expect to trigger a sampler.

midiFILTr-VS has three modes:
OCTAVE mode - C notes on any octave always trigger Volca part 1, C# triggers part 2, D triggers part 3, etc.
DRUM mode - The general MIDI drum spec is used to trigger the individual parts. Bass Drum triggers part 1, Snare part 2, Closed Hat part 9, etc.
PITCH mode - The Volca works normally triggering its 10 parts on 10 different MIDI channels. But instead of the Volca default of always playing that sample at the same pitch, the incoming note value will effect that sample's pitch.

This app requires:
A hardware Volca Sampler
A hardware MIDI interface connected to the Sampler

The AudioBus 3 app is recommended for ease of use, though the app can also be configured with regular CoreMIDI.

What's new in v1.0.1

Added MIDI clock mute mode, for when you want to prevent the Volca's internal sequencer from being started.
Bug fixes

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iPhone Screenshots:


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