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PRFORM – 9 Synths and 16 Pads

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App History

Jan 08, 2018
Nov 26, 2017
Nov 19, 2017
Oct 17, 2017
Aug 31, 2017
May 03, 2017
Version 1.0.1
Apr 17, 2017
New App: $4.99
Apr 15, 2017

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App Store Description:

Harness the power of 9 independent synthesizers right at your finger tips.

PRFORM is comprised of 4 synths(2 leads, bass and pad) and 5 synth drum modules(bass, clap, snare, hi-hat, and noise) all playable from an on screen 4x4 grid of 16 performance pads. The performance pads are also trigger-able via MIDI and Audiobus Remote allowing you to play inspiring live performances.

PRFORM also has 5 effects and a 4 track looper. PRFORM has a vast array of parameters easily accessible thoght its lcd display, enabling you to create a vast palette of unique sounds to your taste, whether it be: Trap, Dubstep, EDM, Dubstep, DNB, House, Electro, Future bass, Brostep, Hardstyle, Foot work, Techno, Trance, Bass music, Downtempo, House, Trap or U.K. Garage.

PRFORM has a 4 track volatile memory looper for quick and easy building of tracks during live performances, jams or just getting ideas down.

Play anywhere, on-the-go, on the bus, in the studio or on stage.

PRFORM - The 9 synthesizer modules

Synth Modules:

PRFORM has 9 synth modules, that can be triggered via the 16 performance pads in a live or studio recording. Each module has an "LCD display" for control of the synthesizers and effects parameters.
PRFORM has 5 send effects, allowing you to add depth to your performance.

– Mono-synth lead - has 3 trigger pads and features a 24db/octave resonant ladder style filter and 12db/octave high-pass filter
– Supersaw lead - 8000 style detonable supersaw has 4 trigger pads, 6db/oct high-pass and 12db/oct low-pass filters
– Bass - has 3 trigger pads with fm oscillator, a 6db/octave resonant low-pass filter connected to LFO for Dubstep Wub bass, and distortion and bit-crusher
– Pad - 4 oscillator synth with 24db/octave resonant filter. Its oscillators amplitudes can be controlled via joystick or 2 supplied LFOs

Drum Synth modules:

Classic Synthesized drum sounds are at the heart of PRFORM.
– Bass Drum - 808 style bass drum.
– Snare - Modules after vintage analog drum machines.
– Clap - A rudimentary 808 clap.
– Hi-Hat - 808 style and ring modulation configuration available.
– Noise Burst - Sculpt sounds from white noise, ranging from hi-at, analog style crash cymbal to build up.

Send effects:

Send effects add a huge amount of depth to your performance.
– Delay
– Reverb
– Chorus
– Clip
– Bit-Crusher

Master bus out:

– 24db/octave low-pass filter
– Softclip


– 100% synthesized audio flow (No Samples)
– Synth modules: mono-synth lead, supersaw lead, bass, pad
– Drum synth modules: bass drum, snare, clap, hi-hat, noise burst
– Master effects: delay, reverb, distortion, flanger/chorus, bit-crusher
– Audiobus 2
– Audiobus Remote (triggers for all 16 pads)
– MIDI-In for triggering pads
– Looper; 4 track volatile memory looper
– 16 pad grid controller (4x4)
– 99 saveable patch slots
– 6 Presets
– Autosave

What's new in v1.0.1

– Small change to an App Store image

iPad Screenshots:


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