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Harmonizer audio effect

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App History

Version 1.50
Aug 30, 2018
Version 1.30
Nov 07, 2017
Version 1.20
Mar 16, 2017
Version 1.10
Mar 08, 2017
New App: $1.99
Mar 02, 2017

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iTunes Description:

Harmonizer is real time audio pitch shifter effect that can mix harmonies into the original signal or run as realtime pitch shifter. The app works as an Audio Unit plugin and can also be used as stand alone real time effect via the device microphone or using iRig or similar device. The pitch shifting does NOT affect timing so the tempo stays the same.

- 2 harmony voices
- smooth pitch shift controls - half tones and cents
- dry volume (original voice)
- efx 1 volume (pitch shifted voice 1 volume)
- efx 2 volume (pitch shifted voice 2 volume)
- reverb (master reverb)
- EFX on/off button (in stand alone mode)

If you play acoustic instrument you can use headphones without a mic and put the phone close to your instrument so the app will work as realtime effect. Now you can play and sing with harmonies.

What's new in v1.50

fixes for new iOS update

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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