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Elastic Video

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App History

Version 1.1
Aug 08, 2017
Dec 06, 2016
Dec 05, 2016
New App: $1.99
Dec 01, 2016

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iTunes Description:

Elastic Video is a variable-speed time lapse camera that adjusts the frame rate based on the amount of change in the video -- automatically combining time-lapse and standard video recording in one application. When there is less activity, frames are captured less often so when they are played back those portions of the video move quickly.
As the amount of activity increases (e.g., objects entering, leaving or moving around), the frame rate increases so that on playback those portions of the video are played back at a normal rate.

A time history graph at the bottom of the screen plots the amount of detected change as a function of time. For best results the device should be held against a fixed surface to minimize movement. The slider adjusts sensitivity to device motion and scene change.

Go to intelligentGadgets.us to see sample videos under Documentation.

What's new in v1.1

Extended version stores long videos as shorter segments.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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