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Pads - Lush Pad Synthesizer

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App History

Version 1.0.3
Mar 24, 2017
Version 1.0.2
Jan 25, 2017
Jan 03, 2017
Version 1.0.1
Dec 19, 2016
New App: $4.99
Dec 16, 2016

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App Store Description:

Pads is basically a wavetable synthesizer with a noise/grain generator and a high cut filter. With a carefully developed ”wobbler” that detunes the waveforms and makes small inconsistencies to several internal parameters and a nice sounding chorus, this synthesizer is able to create some really interesting and non-statical pad sounds.

Noteworthy features:

• AUv3, works with AUv3 compatible hosts like GarageBand, Cubasis, Auria, AUM etc.

• 30 handcrafted presets created by professional musicians

• Filter, Attack and volume can be modulated by velocity

• Controllable grit/grain level, sampled from a real hammond organ with a broken tone wheel

• Controllable wobble factor that adds analogue unpredictability

Important: Pads in stand-alone mode does not support IAA, Audiobus or MIDI. You can try it out using the keyboard at the bottom, but that’s it. We recommend using Pads with AUv3 compatible hosts.

iPhone 6 or later is recommended.
iPad Air 1 or later is recommended.

A full documentation is available at https://klevgrand.se/products/pads

Feedback or suggestions? Drop us a mail: support(at)klevgrand.se or @klevgrand on Twitter

What's new in v1.0.3

New preset system allowing users to save presets in standalone mode. If you’ve saved presets in AUv3 mode, these will be synced after the first launch in AUv3 mode.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

It's an absolute pile of shite. I'm gonna request a refund on it. 30 of the most boring presets I've ever heard and pretty much zero pad synth sounds. Seems others are reacting in same way to it from what I've observed on another synth site.
December 16, 2016  | person grammatonfeather
what other synth site, post a link.
December 17, 2016  | person_outline kobamoto
On December 17, 2016 - @kobamoto said:
what other synth site, post a link.

December 17, 2016  | person grammatonfeather
i was looking forward to this one but it badly needs an update to make to make it more exciting
December 19, 2016  | person_outline pm
limited but great for what it does.
December 20, 2017  | person stemshade

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