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DJDJ Mixing App

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App History

Version 1.4.10
Nov 15, 2019
Version 1.4.9
Sep 25, 2019
Version 1.4.8
Mar 23, 2019
Version 1.4.7
Mar 14, 2019
Dec 02, 2017
Version 1.4.6
Nov 29, 2017
Nov 26, 2017
Aug 21, 2017
Aug 14, 2017
Version 1.4.5
Jun 28, 2017
Jun 26, 2017
Jun 22, 2017
Version 1.4.4
Jun 19, 2017
Version 1.4.3
May 31, 2017
Version 1.4.2
May 13, 2017
Version 1.4.1
May 09, 2017
Apr 29, 2017
Version 1.4
Apr 23, 2017
Apr 23, 2017
Version 1.3.1
Dec 08, 2016

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App Store Description:

A complete DJ mixing App in your iPad and iPhone: beat match tracks, use EQ, use EFX, save and trigger cues and loops within the track!

Check the support page (rugoso.com/djdj) to see a 1 minute video, watch and hear for yourself what's it all about!

Requires iPad retina (aka iPad 3) or faster. Models with 2gb of Ram or more are highly recommended.

Requires iPhone 6 or faster. iPhone 6S, SE or faster highly recommended.

This is just version 1.4 please give me your feedback!! what would you like to see in future updates?

• Supports Ableton Link.

• Supports Audiobus.

• Supports multiple outputs / split audio / headphone cueing. Connect with iPad compatible audio interfaces.

• Supports MIDI input: control your DJ sets from an external MIDI controller!

• Supports MIDI Jog Wheels (Scratching, Turning, Searching).

• Supports MIDI File Browsing.

• Super easy to loop a playing track, and you can save and trigger loops within the track as if they were cues.

• Save up to 8 cues or cued loops per track. Have your tracks ready to trigger and/or loop in the right spot at any time.

• Scratch by dragging the audio strip.

• Play with 11 different EFX in each deck (can be used all at the same time) to add dynamism to your mixes!

• Use the usual DJ EQ with kill buttons to mute the bottom / mid / high bands.

• All of this always visible, on one screen!

• Play with 4 decks at the same time! (iPad Pro 12.9-inch: 4 decks fully visible, other iPad models: 2 decks fully visible, 2 decks minimized. iPhone: 2 decks visible, 2 hidden). All controls of every deck can be used at the same time with midi controllers.

• Load tracks from:
• the iPad/iPhone's music library
• iTunes File Sharing
• Dropbox
• iCloud Drive via Document Picker
• import via AudioShare

• "Light" and "Dark Blue" color theme.

• See your tracks as Waveform or Spectrum.

Get it now and start mixing! :)

What's new in v1.4.10

Added support for landscape use on iPad Pros 12.9 (only shows 2 complete decks and 2 "collapsed" decks), go to "Settings" to see this option.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

If one of these DJ apps included the ability to access a NAS drive, I'd be in like Flynn. But no one making DJ apps wants to do it.
May 11, 2017  | person Zen
On May 11, 2017 - @Zen said:
If one of these DJ apps included the ability to access a NAS drive, I'd be in like Flynn. But no one making DJ apps wants to do it.

DJ Player Professional supports WebDAV, which should work with most NAS drives.

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