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App History

Version 2.0.4
Nov 15, 2018
Version 2.0.3
Nov 28, 2017
Version 2.0.2
Oct 15, 2017
Version 2.0.1
May 28, 2017
Version 2.0.0
Jan 25, 2017
Version 1.9.9
Jan 19, 2017
Version 1.9.8
Oct 17, 2016
Version 1.9.7
Oct 10, 2016
Version 1.9.6
Oct 07, 2016
Version 1.9.5
Sep 29, 2016
Version 1.9.4
Sep 26, 2016
Version 1.9.3
Aug 01, 2016
Version 1.9.2
Jul 27, 2016
Version 1.9.1
Jul 18, 2016
Version 1.9
Jul 06, 2016
Version 1.8
Jun 21, 2016
Version 1.7
Jun 14, 2016
Version 1.6
Jun 12, 2016
Version 1.5
May 18, 2016
Version 1.4
May 16, 2016

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App Store Description:

"Part instrument, part interactive ambience, part subtly-changing New Age album, moodscaper's autoplay button is a wonderful introduction to its charms. With a single touch, it generates a musical artwork that's different every time."

"A worthy and lush-sounding musical companion."

Sound On Sound Magazine - Aug 2016

Moodscaper is a generative music app and a great personal companion for studying, providing non-intrusive headphone music at work, relaxing, meditating and even sleeping. Just launch the app, tap automatic play, and moodscaper will produce melodic, atmospheric and evocative ambient music in a “light”, “dark”, “space”, "happy" or “sad” mood.

Moodscaper is also an easy to use instrument for creating epic-sounding pads and effects as part of a larger iPad-based music-making setup. You can even create your own custom instrument by loading your own samples, and taking advantage of moodscaper's generative engine.

Main features:

· Unique generative atmospheric sample-based instrument
· Simple user interface
· Sleep timer
· Five scale-based moods
· Variable dynamics - from mellow and sparse to full-on drama!
· Four loopers with optional sync
· Provides tasteful auto-accompaniment to your playing in realtime or in loops
· Hints displayed on keys that should sound good with root notes or chords
· Samples are randomly stacked for a bigger sound with more variation
· Effects section with filter, dual-delay and reverb
· Effects tweaks can be recorded in loopers
· Additional 20 key instrument for each mood
· Add your own samples and create your own mood-based instrument
· Additional instruments available as free downloads at
· IAA support (as a generator) with no special setup required

For more information, a downloadable manual, demos and support, please visit

Thanks and happy moodscaping!

What's new in v2.0.4

IAA stability improvements.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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