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Blocs Wave: Record Music Live

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App History

Version 13.14.6
Sep 14, 2020
Version 13.14.5
Sep 07, 2020
Version 13.14.4
Aug 26, 2020
Version 13.14.3
Aug 04, 2020
Version 13.14.2
Jul 20, 2020
Version 13.14.1
Jun 29, 2020
Version 13.14
Jun 15, 2020
Version 13.13
May 26, 2020
Version 13.12
May 03, 2020
Version 13.11
Apr 25, 2020
Version 13.10
Apr 14, 2020
Version 13.9
Apr 09, 2020
Version 13.8.3
Mar 19, 2020
Version 13.8.2
Mar 05, 2020
Version 13.8.1
Feb 14, 2020
Version 13.8
Jan 08, 2020
Version 13.7
Dec 05, 2019
Version 13.6
Nov 06, 2019
Version 13.5
Oct 23, 2019
Version 13.4.9
Oct 04, 2019

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App Store Description:

** Free to download **

Blocs Wave is a fun and beautifully designed music app for making and recording new music quickly. For songwriters and electronic music makers alike, it is an on-the-move powerful portable music studio.

Start new musical ideas by discovering new sounds across genres. Make your tunes unique by slicing and rearranging your sounds. Play with beautiful touchable waveforms and build up loops in real-time by recording your voice or other sounds, and build bigger ideas using song sections. Blocs Wave is also great for live looping, thanks to its real-time stretch and pitch engine.

• Find ideas quickly - Combine sounds across genres
• Play with sounds - Beautiful, touchable waveforms
• Record new sounds - Capture your own vocals and instruments
• Explore a huge sound library - Find amazing sounds across genres from electronic to indie, EDM to songwriting, and more
• Expand your collection - Download more sounds from an ever-expanding soundpack library
• Chop up sounds - Use Slice Mode to make every sound unique (In-App Purchase)
• Export your music - Create a mixdown or export individual tracks
• Shape your sound - 3-band EQ for boosting bass and mixing sounds (In-App Purchase)
• Launchpad Soundpack sharing - Get hundreds more genres and styles through our Launchpad for iOS app

Advanced Features
• Real-time stretching - Change tempo while playing
• Real-time recording - Build up live recorded loops in real-time
• Import - Bring in your own sounds from other apps (In-App Purchase)
• Key aware - All library sounds stay in-key with each other
• User library - Manage your recorded and imported sounds
• Works well with others - Supports Audiobus, AudioCopy/AudioShare and hardware input
• Jam in sync - Supports Ableton Link

For support enquires please visit: https://ampifymusic.com/support

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What's new in v13.14.6

This version fixes an occasional audio glitch.

We really appreciate your feedback. If you have comments, questions or feature requests, let us know at support@ampifymusic.com. If you like Blocs Wave and have a minute to spare, please review it in the app store.

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