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App History

Version 1.3
Jun 29, 2020
Jul 06, 2016
Version 1.2.0
Jul 05, 2016
Version 1.1.0
Apr 02, 2016
New App: Free
Mar 01, 2016

App Store Description:

Turn your iPad into an instrument of the violin family and play just like on a real instrument !

FingerFiddle introduces a new and highly sensitive musical experience with your IOS device. Your actions on the screen are turned naturally into an exceptionally realistic and responsive sound, whatever you do. Place your fingers on the fingerboard to change notes. Move your other hand on the screen to rub the strings with the bow and shape the sound continuously in real-time. Pluck the screen to play pizzicato. FingerFiddle responds accurately to your movements and lets you play with the full palette of violin expression, just like with a real instrument.

FingerFiddle is a musical instrument that you can bring with you everywhere to play, practice, have fun and perform with others. It includes a full collection of fine-tuned instruments from the violin family (violin, viola, cello and double bass). The basic version comes with a cello, and other instruments are available to try and purchase. Wherever you are, at any time, pick one of the instruments and play music for real with FingerFiddle.

Who is it for?
Anyone interested in music playing can find something in FingerFiddle:
- For the beginner, FingerFiddle is an affordable way to experience and enjoy fiddle playing, alone or in group. Play, practice to improve your playing, try different instruments and maybe, eventually, buy a real instrument…
- For advanced players, FingerFiddle is a new instrument to discover and have fun with. Use it in your musical productions and live performances, when jamming with others, or just to sketch ideas.
- In all cases, FingerFiddle is a musical instrument that is always right at your fingertips, whenever you feel the need to play music.

- Natural mapping between movement and sound: your finger is the bow !
- Outstanding sound rendering for a realistic output
- Pitch is controlled with a fingerboard on the screen to allow fiddle-specific playing techniques (vibrato, glissando, chords)
- The fingerboard is customizable: set its width and the space between notes for a comfortable playing
- A specific area is dedicated to pizzicato playing
- Inter-App Audio / Audiobus support (generator)
- Very low memory requirement: no samples library is used
- Inter App Audio and Audiobus support
- The basic version includes the Cello from the Classic Collection. Other instruments are available as In App purchases (Violin, Viola, Double Bass, normal or with mutes)

What's new in v1.3

- Maintenance update (Requirements and Guidelines)
- Improved audio engine
- Improved layout for newest devices

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

This is one of the best purchase I ever made (of all time), and it was a tiny purchase!

I actively fear upgrading my OS because of not wanting this to break. It's the most expressive and realistic "artificial" instrument I have ever encountered. I am not comparing it to real acoustic stringed instruments because I only have a crappy eBay violin. I am comparing it to the world of electronic musical instruments. Physical modeling is my absolute favorite type of synthesis and there's far too little of it being developed.

Without the iPad, this level of expressivity wouldn't be possible at this cost (yes, the iPad costs quite a bit, but it is the platform AND the control surface), and therefore it has made my iPad much more useful and valuable to me. A great value.

To anyone who says FingerFiddle is hard to play, well, so too are real stringed instruments. Having tried both, this is far easier to play. However, I greatly prefer it on the iPad (mine is the 12.9" pro) than on the iPhone, due to the greater bowing room available on a larger screen.
November 11, 2016  | person dysamoria

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