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Arturia iSpark

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May 01, 2020
Mar 27, 2020
Sep 26, 2017
Sep 25, 2017
Sep 23, 2017
Sep 23, 2017
Sep 23, 2017
Sep 17, 2017
Jan 09, 2017
Nov 21, 2016
Nov 21, 2016
Nov 21, 2016
Version 1.0.2
Jul 21, 2016
Mar 15, 2016
Version 1.0.1
Feb 19, 2016
New App: $9.99
Feb 18, 2016

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App Store Description:

iSpark is an all-inclusive beat-making solution allowing to create rich tracks from A to Z while experiencing an unequaled workflow. It includes a large variety of drum kits and individual instruments based on the most renowned drum machines and top-notch sound design.
It is the result of a simple recipe, care for rhythm, innovation and uncompromising ergonomics combined with the personality of the greatest drum machines.

What you can do with iSpark:
iSpark allows you to play drum patterns in-real time and to tweak your sound on-the-fly. Its optimized and performance-oriented layout gives you a direct access to an extended range of sonic parameters.
It also integrates a powerful and flexible 64-step sequencer enhancing your creative freedom and effectiveness.

iSpark unites our multi-rewarded TAE® technology coupled with a modular engine and crystal-clear multi-layered samples. Beyond drum and percussive sounds, iSpark blasts the frontiers of beat-making through a range of singular sonic effects, warm analog synth textures and melodic elements.

Main screen
The main screen is all about performance. Its layout, inspired by our SparkLE controller, gives you immediate access to a comprehensive set of fundamental controls and parameters. Its lower part allows you to play and record your drum patterns in real-time, step by step, to jump between your patterns and to set their length.

In the mixer, you can adjust the volume and panorama of your instruments, set two individual effects for each of them, and modify the sending levels to the return effects. The VU meters help you to balance effectively your instruments.

The Studio is the iSpark laboratory of sound. This is where you will customize your kits and all the instruments that compose it. For each instrument, you can choose the samples that are used and adjust a comprehensive list of parameters.

In the sequencer screen, all the steps of your different instruments are right in front of you. You can thus create your sequences in a flash. Besides, the automation tool allows you drawing modulation curves with a simple glide of your fingertip.

The Song mode gives you the possibility to chain your pattern in order to create a whole performance. Organizing your song is as easy as a drag-and-drop. Switch to “Perform” and discover two large XY modulation touchpads that will bring your songs to life.

iSpark offers a total and seamless compatibility with the existing Spark environment. Maintain continuously your creative flow by transferring in a heartbeat your projects, patterns, your kits and individual instruments between Spark 2 and iSpark.
Connect the dedicated SparkLE controller to iSpark and associate the flexibility of an app-based instrument to the effectiveness and comfort of hardware.
The compatibility with AudioBus and Inter-App Audio offers a smooth integration of iSpark in you iPad-based setup.
With iSpark, your mobile setup found its beat-making solution.

Main features:
Pristine quality sound engines including: TAE® analog synthesis, physical modeling, and multi-layered samples provided by our top-tier development partners
· 640 Instruments / 40 kits
- Classic drum machines
- Electronic kits
- Acoustic kits
· Shuffle and shift modes to humanize grooves
· Choke groups to mute instruments naturally
· Song mode with 16 segments
· Song segment triggering from hardware
· Performance master effects: repeat, tape, reverse, strobe, pan, mix, bit crusher, 8-mode filter and Roller
· 16-track mixer with high-quality effects: multiband compressor, bit crusher, multiband EQ, chorus, delay, reverb, distortion, phaser, plate reverb, destroyer, flanger, space pan, limiter, sub generator
· Real-time automation on all parameters
· Compatible with SparkLE controller
· Ableton Link integration
· Possibility to share projects, kits and instruments between iSpark and the desktop version of Spark 2.

What's new in v1.0.2

- New feature: Tap and hold on "Effect" buttons on main screen to change effects
- Expansion Store layout fixes

iPad Screenshots:

I know that there’s a fair amount of mobile musicians that hate on Arturia’s iOS products, and some rightfully so, but iSpark is certainly NOT one of those to be hated on.

For those MPC-style apps, I personally use iMPC & iMPC Pro 2 (I’m sure this is not going to come as much of a surprise, but they are also actually Arturia apps as they are made for Akai by Retronyms Inc., the VERY SAME company that develops mobile apps for Arturia), iMaschine 2, both of Korg’s Electribe apps, FunkBox, TriqTraq, Patterning, and a couple others, in addition to iSpark. All I could say about iSpark is that this thing is amazing, at least IMHO! Compared to other iMPC-style apps for iOS, this feels like the closest thing to a desktop-quality app, but with all the touchscreen nuances to really make it shine!

My ONLY gripe with iSpark is actually NOT with iSpark itself, but rather with SparkLE, the Arturia hardware-based controller companion for Spark & iSpark. Even with SparkLE, my complaints are vastly minimal. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the hell Arturia would make iSpark a 16-button app, but only have 8-buttons for instruments on their own controller?! Yeah, WTF is right! They also could have (woulda, shoulda) made MIDI-support for the SparkLE a bit easier to figure out so it’s not so damn limiting to their own software, but in retrospect these are small complaints. In reality I have been very happy with the Spark-iSpark-SparkLE ecosystem on many levels, and don’t see it changing from being my #1 favorite MPC-style suite anytime soon.

I am NOT telling anyone to go out and drop $200 (or however much it costs today) on a SparkLE, but what I am saying is that if you haven’t at the very least tried iSpark, especially while it’s TOTALLY FREE and really get into the fine details of the sheer power of the app, well, you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice.

Like anything else in life, mileage may vary, but at the end of the day, I could guarantee one thing after you finish your first half-hour jam session with iSpark, and that is that you would have to agree with me that it doesn’t suck! 😝🤘



~ Jay ✌️❤️

Thanks for this post.

I snagged the free iSpark recently, and had time to dig into it a bit. There were indeed many pleasant surprises. Quite a few features for sound, pattern work, and song arrangement.

I like that it has quite a lot of included sound and demo content to fly around with and get to know. And it is pretty flexible as far as getting custom samples into it.

My main complaint is that the DSP FX aren't so great. The reverb is especially weak. But that's a pretty minor gripe. Though I may use a drum machine for finished tracks once in a while, I'd always track individual sounds and add FX via DAW or 3rd party plugins.

But the way I most like to use drum machines is to jam along with, and ease of use is critical. There are quite a few that are easy to use, but then you hit a brick wall in terms of taking things deeper/further. iSpark is pretty cool and doesn't suck.
I dig the sounds, multi sample per pad support, cool sequencing of sections for performance

I don’t dig that there’s no way to export anything but loops...except in the proprietary .sprk (or whatever it’s called) format, for opening in another iSpark and other Spark software/hardware (not sure exactly where those projects open other than iSpark, but I guess there’s desktop, or hardware?)

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