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DrumPerfect Pro

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App History

Version 3.0.2
Mar 26, 2019
Mar 23, 2019
Version 3.0.1
Mar 18, 2019
Version 3.0
Mar 16, 2019
Mar 16, 2019
Version 2.2.2
Oct 03, 2017
Version 2.2.1
Sep 29, 2017
Version 2.2
Sep 26, 2017
Version 2.12
Jun 13, 2017
Version 2.11
May 18, 2017
May 09, 2017
Version 2.1
May 09, 2017
Jan 24, 2016
New App: $8.99
Jan 17, 2016

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App Store Description:

DrumPerfect Pro v.3 is without doubt the most complete, open, fully programable drum/percussion music production system ever created for iPad. The wealth of professional features it offers is just astonishing. Yet its most distinguished quality is probably its confounding capacity to emulate so musically the human feel of pro drummers performances in any genre, as you will see.

Here is what Gilbert Medam, professional composer and arranger, creator of the pack collection as well as designer of the new UI writes:
In the musical consciousness, rhythm is without question a most fundamental element. Combining movement with numbers, it is found in music all around the world and at any period of human history.
Musicians, particularly drummers and percussionists by nature excel in precise body movement, coordination and inevitably inspire listeners to join the dance. On the other hand computer systems excel, by design, in powerful processing of numbers. We are constantly, Marinus and I, attentive to this simple fact when refining and expanding DrumPerfect Pro. Because we want our app to excel in coming as close as it can be, to a perfect integration of both performances.
In this new version, if you are passionate about rhythms, drums and beyond, you will find, we think, the best companion for your music adventure and production. Its flexibility will surprise you. Program on multitrack/layers, multi-velocity sampling, the most intricate patterns, improvising songs. Unleash your wildest experimentation in the creative and fun process.

It is the high end app of choice for:
- drums/percussions professional track production
- live performance with the brand new AUv3 player
- practice and training for musicians in any musical genre
- easy loading and playing of your own library of midi files.
- study, understanding and experimenting from the massive collection of world rhythms available in the packs.

And last but not least, it now comes with two new packs. More detailed than previous ones, they integrate the new functions from this version ( JAM! Dynamics, sample groups, automation, etc.... )
A fantastic General Midi pack to cater for all your midi files plus the new series of patterns all styles included. This pack is FREE to download.
The first brush drums pack, Brazilian Rhythms vol.2 , filled with soft and smooth grooves that will certainly transport you to the golden beaches of Brazil. This pack completes the trilogy of Brazilian Rhythms vol.1 and Batucada vol.1.

What's new in v3.0.2

Fixes an issue with tempo and JAM! automation
Fixes an issue with blurred controls if "Button Shapes" is on
Fixes a display issue with some of the controls
Fixes an issue with random parts in song play

New in v3.0:

AUv3 player:
- brand new AUv3-compatible DPP song player with user preset list ( best for live performance )
Sample groups:
- up to 10 sample groups per instrument, allowing up to 160 articulations per kit
- up to 8 velocity levels per sample group

Real time processing Layers:
- extended to 2 drum stroke layers in pattern
- 2 layers in pattern for real-time sustain control per sample group
- 2 layers in pattern for real-time pitch control per sample group
- 1 layer for in-pattern tempo variation

New editing functions:
- JAM! dynamics with 3 programmable levels, 20 rules per level, assignable to sample groups
- cross-instrument, cross-layer, multi-instrument and multi-layer drum stroke editing
- play looped selection in pattern
- user-defined humanise settings

Song automation:
- tempo and JAM! automation in Song mode
- seamless tempo control in Song mode

- support for Files app ( import/export patterns, songs, kits, etc... )
- longpress Save/Load to save to/load from external location

- improved midi-in clock sync
- simplified import of midi files
- Ableton Link 2 with start/stop control
- latest Audiobus API

New packs:
- all purpose General Midi pack in store ( free )
- brand new brushes pack Brazilian Rhythms Vol2 in store

- completely redesigned Grid view commands
- auto reordering of patterns in song patbank ( Pack song )
- kit volume boosted
- many other improvements and bug fixes

iPad Screenshots:


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