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App History

Version 2.3.2
Apr 15, 2019
Version 2.3.1
Mar 27, 2018
Version 2.3.0
Oct 31, 2017
Version 2.2.6
Aug 02, 2017
Version 2.2.5
Jun 08, 2017
Version 2.2.4
May 05, 2017
Version 2.2.3
Apr 18, 2017
Version 2.2.2
Mar 31, 2017
Version 2.2.1
Mar 14, 2017
Version 2.2.0
Mar 06, 2017
Version 2.1.0
Dec 23, 2016
Version 2.0.2
Dec 15, 2016
Version 2.0.1
Dec 12, 2016
Version 2.0.0
Dec 09, 2016
Version 1.0.2
Feb 22, 2016
Version 1.0.1
Jan 17, 2016
New App: Free
Oct 29, 2015

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App Store Description:

Utilizing a similar component-based philosophy as our revolutionary BIAS Amp designer, Positive Grid’s BIAS Pedal enables you to virtually create your own custom pedal, with full control over the pedal’s circuit. Seamlessly integrated with BIAS FX, BIAS Pedal makes it possible to add your custom pedal to your BIAS FX pedalboard. Download thousands of customized pedals in our new BIAS Pedal ToneCloud®.

Design your dream pedal

For the first time ever you can easily design and modify your custom pedal down to the most detailed level – from the input volume, effect stages and gain control, pre and post EQ and much more. You can even change the pedal’s virtual guts as you would with a real analog pedal. For the utmost ease of use, BIAS Pedal comes with 17 distortion, 17 modulation and 24 delay presets, from blues to rock, alternative, metal, and everything in between.

BIAS FX Integration

You can easily open your custom pedal in BIAS FX’s dual signal effects chains for a whole new level of tone creativity. Now BIAS pedals can be integrated into the same signal chain as boosters, distortion, or fuzz pedals for live or studio use. And with its cross platform design, BIAS Pedal can be synced all across Mac, Windows, and iOS devices for instant access anywhere you work.


• Seamless integration with BIAS FX
• Create and add custom BIAS Pedal to dual signal paths
• Customize the look and feel of your own pedal by changing the name, box, panel, and knobs
• Noise gate and amp room simulator
• Create a virtually unlimited number of custom pedals
• Quick preset facility recalls eight of your favorite settings with just one mouse click
• Option to share and download BIAS pedals created by signature artists and your fellow guitarists on ToneCloud®

Distortion pack
Design your own distortion pedal.

• The most accurate, thorough and versatile pedal modeling software available anywhere
• 22 component-level emulations of distortion, overdrive, fuzz, and booster pedals included
• Tone Match Technology captures any distortion pedals or recorded track and creates a matched model
• Fully customizable clipping stage, output stage, power stage, parametric EQ, graphic EQ, and studio EQ
• Works the way guitarists think: tweak gain and overdrive, swap out silicon and germanium transistor, and shape the tone with different equalizers
• Flexible tone adjustment from drive and saturation to EQ
• Upload and download presets on ToneCloud®; share your killer tones with the world
• BIAS Distortion and Distortion Twin hardware integration

Delay Pack
Create your own delay pedal.

• Intuitive time-control interface to control your delay lines
• Tone simulation from vintage tape unit to modern digital sounds
• 25 delay pedals including sounds of tape, pingpong, reverse, and standard delay
• Five modulation styles with LFO and waveform control
• Ducking control that allows you to create more dynamic delay sounds
• Independent reverb control
• BIAS Delay and Delay Twin hardware integration

Modulation Pack
Create a unique modulation pedal.

• 27 modulation presets to get started
• Nine different modulation types covering comprehensive modulation usage
• Mix two groups of time-based and amplitude modulation effects
• Four LFO waveforms to add more variations to tone selection
• EQ and power module simulation
• BIAS Modulation and Modulation Twin hardware integration

You can also check out the desktop version with its mighty Tone Match feature: www.positivegrid.com
For more information, please visit:
Twitter: @PositiveGrid

What's new in v2.3.2

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback! In this new update, we've updated the Audiobus SDK to 3.0.5 for compatibility improvements. We've also implemented some minor bug fixes in this update to improve the overall stability of the app.

Rock On!
Team Positive Grid

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