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Spire Song Maker: Record Music

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App History

Version 2.61.0
Jun 24, 2021
Version 2.60.0
Jun 15, 2021
Version 2.59.0
Jun 09, 2021
Version 2.58.0
Jun 07, 2021
Version 2.57.0
May 25, 2021
Version 2.56.0
May 20, 2021
Version 2.55.0
May 12, 2021
Version 2.54.0
May 05, 2021
Version 2.53.0
Apr 29, 2021
Version 2.52.0
Apr 22, 2021
Version 2.51.0
Apr 14, 2021
Version 2.50.0
Apr 08, 2021
Version 2.49.0
Apr 01, 2021
Version 2.48.0
Mar 18, 2021
Version 2.47.1
Mar 04, 2021
Version 2.47.0
Mar 03, 2021
Version 2.46.1
Feb 26, 2021
Version 2.46.0
Feb 18, 2021
Version 2.45.0
Feb 03, 2021
Version 2.44.0
Jan 21, 2021

App Store Description:

High-quality vocals with your iPhone or iPad

Spire for iOS combines award-winning iZotope audio processing with multi-track recording to make importing a beat, layering vocals, collaborating with your producer, and sharing songs easier than ever. When your iPhone is your mobile vocal booth with automatic Soundcheck and seamless cloud project sharing, recording high-quality vocals is possible anywhere.

• Import a beat and write lyrics

Get started by importing your beat. Easily write and develop your lyrics directly in the Spire app and have them front-and-center while you record.

• Automatically set your levels and tone

When you run Soundcheck in Spire before you record, it will identify voice or an instrument, set your levels, and sculpt your tone. Vocals stand out in the mix through automatically adding compression, saturation, and EQ—powered by tech from the Vocal Assistant in iZotope's Nectar plug-in.

• Layer vocals and mix your tracks

Building a song with Spire is fast and intuitive. Easily capture lead vocals, overdubs, ad-libs, and more by just hitting record. You can edit out unwanted parts from any track with the trim tool. To mix, drag track icons up or down to adjust volume and left or right to pan.

• Collaborate with artists and producers

Text or email a project link to anyone from the Spire app and they can preview your song, export mixdowns, download individual tracks to edit in a DAW, or open in Spire to add tracks of their own. Cloud sharing lets you work with producers and collaborators no matter where you are.

• Share with your fans

If you’ve finished a song in Spire that you’re ready to show the world, you can publish your songs to SoundCloud, Instagram, and more directly from the app. Add artwork or a video to your project to make it your own before posting for your fans.



Subscribe to Spire Pro and get full access to exclusive, new features and content that help you get pro-quality, release-ready vocals!

• Tune your vocals

Automatically tune your vocals from natural to robotic, and treat your tracks like the pros do with Tune, a new, exclusive mix effect for Spire Pro. Add this creative effect from the Mix view to shape your vocals, featuring tech from iZotope Nectar’s Pitch module.

• Personalized Soundcheck

When you upgrade to Spire Pro, Soundcheck evolves to become your personal vocal recording engineer. By listening to your voice and environment, it applies personalized processing to make sure your voice sounds clear and polished, no matter where you record. Whether it’s with the Spire app or Spire Studio paired with an iPhone, singers and rappers can now create pro-quality vocals over their beats in seconds.

• Expanding tools

Upgrade to Spire Pro to get access to the newest, cutting-edge recording features and content as soon as they’re available. Be among the first artists taking vocal recording into their own hands with the intelligent, assistive features only available in Spire Pro.

Learn more about Spire Pro at izotope.com/spirepro


The Spire app for iOS is also the controller app for Spire Studio hardware:

Pair the app to Spire Studio hardware to create an integrated recording experience you can take on-the-go and unlock hardware exclusive effects for vocals and instruments as well as Enhance, a mastering tool powered by award-winning tech from iZotope Ozone.

What's new in v2.61.0

• When signed into your Spire account, your projects are backed up in the cloud and synced while on Wi-Fi so that you can access the most up-to-date version from any iOS device or desktop via the web at share.izotope.com.
• With unlimited cloud backup and real-time syncing, there’s no need to send new files to your collaborators after a change. They can open the project via the link shared to bounce new mixdowns or individual stems to import into a DAW after you’ve made edits. This feature is great if you are recording vocals and want to quickly download the latest takes to produce with.
• Create Spire Projects from files on your desktop when signed into your Spire account at share.izotope.com by simply dragging and dropping the files into “Start Something New.” Add an instrumental or some vocal takes, and you’ll be able to see the project across all your iOS devices in the Spire app or share a link to another artist to collab.
• Sharing a project via the cloud is even faster now that projects sync in real-time, no need to wait for long upload times when you’re logged into your Spire account and your projects are synced.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Subscribing to Spire Pro unlocks full access to exclusive features and content as soon as they’re released. Tap the PRO icon within the Spire app to learn more and start your free trial.

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