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iTunes Description:

Unlock your guitar potential with this streamlined, interactive music theory tutor that listens to you play your REAL guitar, gives instant feedback, and charts your progress through a full fretboard workout of over 30 exercises and quizzes.

If like many guitarists you've found it hard to find a note, remember scales and arpeggios, or master modes, and feel like this is holding you back - worry no longer - Guitar Rabbit can help you!

Here we are now, edutain us:
1 - Sound check (check everything is plugged in and turned up!)
2 - Pitch graph (hint: test your whammy bar skills here!)
3 - Tune up with built in tuner and set how many frets you want to practice on (12-24)
4 - Note names quiz (fretboard diagram shows you where to play if you get stuck)
5 - Note names in octaves quiz
6 - Note names on every string quiz
7 - Left hand finger dexterity warmup
8 - Chromatic position shifting warmup
9 - String skipping picking warmup
10 - Pentatonic patterns (play a note to pick a key)
11 - Blues patterns
12 - Triad arpeggios (play a note to pick a key)
13 - One string major scale
14 - Major scale snake
15 - Major scale two string harmony
16 - Three notes per string major scale
17 - Major scale quiz
18 - Mode a la Mode
19 - Pitch Axis of Evil
20 - One string melodic minor scale
21 - Melodic minor scale snake
22 - Melodic minor scale two string harmony
23 - Three notes per string melodic minor scale
24 - Melodic minor scale quiz
25 - One string harmonic minor scale
26 - Harmonic minor scale snake
27 - Harmonic minor scale two string harmony
28 - Three notes per string harmonic minor scale
29 - Harmonic minor scale quiz
30 - Pattern Recognition
31 - Left hand finger dexterity challenge (hard version!)
32 - Left hand finger dexterity shifting challenge (hard version!)
33 - String skipping picking challenge (hard version!)
34 - Chromatic permutation challenge
35 - Left hand trills exercise

Play through and swipe to repeat or skip anything as desired. Or use the menu to customize your playlist to target the areas you want to work on.

Exercises are at your own tempo and rhythm, so take as long (or as short!) as you need to learn something. For more of a challenge, play along to a beat. Random variations are automatically generated to ensure thorough coverage and help break out of ruts.


Guitar Rabbit will work well with most 6 string guitars with 12 to 24 frets in standard tuning (EADGBE).
Plug in an electric guitar with interfaces such as Focusrite iTrack Solo/Dock/Pocket/Studio, or IKMultimedia iRig/Pro/Stomp. Rocksmith RealTone cables also work well with Guitar Rabbit when combined with a USB to lightning adaptor.
Acoustic guitars are supported via the iPad’s built in microphone.

Guitar Rabbit does NOT require audio output or try to generate effects or beats, so with an ABY splitter pedal you can send a clean signal to the iPad and then send the other signal to your normal effects pedals/amp/mixer and use your own backing tracks. This guarantees no latency or undesireable noises creeping into your sound! Or you can run with your favorite amp simulator app in the background, e.g. Amplitube.

See our website http://www.guitarrabbit.com for videos and more info!

What's new in v1.1.3


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